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2 limited edition Pumpkin chairs to help celebrate Ligne Roset’s 150th Anniversary | CHAPLINS FURNITURE


Ligne Roset is joyfully blowing out its 150 candles in 2010, its success owes nothing to chance : it springs instead from the careful nurturing of a family business, today led by the fourth generation of Rosets, the brothers Pierre and Michel Roset, recently joined by their sons Antoine and Olivier. The only French ‘éditeur-fabricant-distributeur’ (creator-manufacturer-distributor) of high-end furniture, Ligne Roset is today one of the world leaders in the field of contemporary furniture, with a presence in 70 countries.

In celebration Ligne Roset offers 2 limited editions of 150 numbered pieces of Pierre Paulin’s Pumpkin armchair.

This armchair, directly inspired by the one designed by Pierre Paulin for Claude and Georges Pompidou in 1971 for the private apartments of the Elysée Palace, put into production and made available to the general public for the very first time by Ligne Roset in 2008.

As its name suggests, this armchair seems to consist of 8 assembled slices, normally in a single colour. To mark the occasion, 150 pieces are to be produced in a unique palette of 8 shades of red wool, and 150 in a palette of 8 shades of blue wool.

Each piece, bearing the signature of Pierre Paulin, bears a special label numbered from 1 to 150, and the logo, ‘150 ans Ligne Roset’.

A total of 300 pieces – in the entire world – are to be made available from June 2010.

Please contact the showroom on 020 8421 1779 for further information and prices or click here to view the full Ligne Roset Furniture Catalogue.

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