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No tools, no fuss. New simple CROSSOVER Shelving System from Müller Möbel can be dismantled and re-arranged in minutes!

“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” This is the premise, formulated by the French writer, Saint-Exupéry, on which we based the design of this shelf system. The aim was to find a solution that featured a sophisticated structure with minimal material requirements, while ensuring a versatile range of applications.

The CROSSOVER shelf system is made of a small number of elements, and can be assembled and dismantled quickly and without tools. It comprises a number of distinctive shelf panels (available in three different lengths), with raised strips fitted along both sides, combined with extremely thin metal brackets (available in two heights), with rounded, rod-like ends.

It is the complex interplay between these two elements that provides the system with the stability it needs and also gives it its flexibility. The brackets can be placed over the raised strips at any desired linear position, irrespective of whether the short sections point to the left or the right or are required in the front or the rear area of the shelf panel. This permits a wide range of configurations, in a variety of lengths and stacking heights, depending on the requirements to be fulfilled.

If placing the CROSSOVER within the room, away from the wall, the brackets can be positioned to allow the unit to function as a visibility screen. It is also possible to close off a section on three sides by positioning the short sides of two brackets alongside each other, thus creating a separate compartment. If a larger compartment is needed, a magnetic rear wall panel can be added, allowing steplessly adjustable dimensioning. For smaller compartments, a selection of drawer units (available in two heights) can be employed. These can be placed at any position between the raised strips.

Please contact the main showroom on 020 8421 1779 | for further information and pricing.


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