June 2021

Why We Should All Strive To Live Slowly This Summer

In the age of information overload, one thing is clear. If we are to live fulfilled, distinguished lives, we must each become curators. Not of galleries of expensive art. Or ever-teetering antiques. But of strong and simple ideas. And while the notion usually applies to how we navigate social media, we’ve found that it’s an … Continued

10 Cult Scandi Designs That Every Aesthete Should Know

Design that’s democratic. Functional. And built to last. So goes the Scandinavian creed. Some styles, however, perform a further magic trick. Journeying beyond great craftsmanship and into the land of iconicity. It’s these that we’re interested in today. Think pendants that capture the glory of the golden hour. And sofas designed to feel like you’re … Continued

Redesigning The World of Work With COR

We spent the first months of the year in socks and sliders. Dreaming of elegant garden rooms. And answering Zoom calls from whatever modicum of privacy our homes afforded.   6 months on, and some of us have returned to the office. Catapulted back into the buzz and small talk while others have opted to … Continued

Herbaceous Designs To Love Now, Tomorrow & Always

Summer is here. And it promises to be a wild one. In the spirit of the season, we’ve curated a shortlist of 10 of our most herbaceous designs. Lush, green and invigorating, they promise to freshen up your space. And make every hour of the day feel golden. Delve into the full list, here…

Born To Roam: Portable Lamps To Love This SS21

2021 will be the summer of roaming. Of spontaneous outdoor adventures. And saying yes. If you take just one thing with you, let it be a nifty, little nomadic light. Some promise to glow for 100 hours. Others double as a bassy surround sound system. Discover 10 of the best, here.