December 2021

How To Live La Dolce Vita

Every year, we make a couple of resolutions. And every December we come to evaluate them — often with varying degrees of success. But if there’s one desire that remains the same year in, year out, it’s to live better with those we most. We’ve travelled the world in search of such routines and rituals … Continued

The Most Exquisite Homes Of 2021

Every design has a story. That is until the moment that it’s purchased, where it is then free to take on its own meaning and significance. It’s one of the reasons we love visiting them in-situ, seeing how our designs have been woven into the fabric of someone else’s world. And so as another long … Continued

Jewels For The Home

Light matters. And as we tiptoe towards the longest day of the year, we thought we’d share a couple of the luminous designs on our radar. A mix of ethereal pendants and precious lamps that promise to work magic long after Yuletide is over.  

At Home With: Edra

What will it mean to share space in 2022? It’s a question that many creatives have been wrestling with lately. And one that can’t easily be answered by a summary of the latest interior trends alone. It’s why in this series, we wanted to go beyond the styles themselves and into the homes they inhabit. … Continued