5 Contemporary Lighting Trends To Try At Home This AW19

Light speaks to us in a variety of ways. On the visual level, it is the brightness that allows us to work and play well into the night. Emotionally, it’s the medium through which atmosphere is created — be that intimate or invigorating, strident or soft. Such is its power that no home is complete without it.

With this in mind, we’ve rounded up 5 contemporary lighting trends that will help you see your home in a new light. From orb-tastic installations through to funky retro-fits, each promises personality and charm in abundance.


There’s something wonderfully ethereal about globe lighting. In its soft curves, we find a familiar lunar quality, that feels restful and comforting all at once. And while globes can look gorgeous alone, this season they’ve gained real resonance as part of larger constellations. In keeping with their celestial relatives, they look best when suspended overhead as beautiful pendants lights. For the best in quality and style, look no further than Menu’s TR, Artemide’s NH or Cattelan Italia’s new Planeta collections.

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Retro-styling has been one of the key protagonists in this year’s interiors story. And whether it’s 70s nostalgia or a full-fledged Bauhaus revival, the throwback vibes look set to continue. Lighting offers an easy way into these recurring trends, with Slamp & Contardi unveiling fabulous new fringing on their Atmosfera and Arcipelago collections. However, if it’s something a little more classic you’re after, be sure to check out Louis Poulsen‘s PH or Gubi’s Bestlite collections. Both reveal mid-century Scandinavian style at its best, through a mix of legendary lights and bygone beauties.

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Balancing Act

One of the secondary functions of interior lighting is to add drama and style to contemporary homes. This year, we’ve noticed stylists enlisting the help of modern floor lamps that challenge traditional ideas about balance, flight and suspension. Vibia’s North Collection provides perhaps the most original example. Through the use of almost-invisible steel cables, the light appears to hover in mid-air, its delicate shade providing a soft gush of illumination. There is an undeniable magic to this kind of balancing act, and it’s one of our favourite ways of establishing a beautiful focal point.

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Full Circle

Modern homes are inherently boxy which is why it’s important to include circular styles if you wish to soften things up. 2019 saw the return of stunning circular wall lights, each of which produces a gorgeous halo of light. With wide-ranging styles from Flos’s Wirering to Catellani & Smith’s gold-leaf PostKrisi, this trend can be as subtle or as opulent as you like.

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Urban Legend

For years, designers have looked for ways to translate the grandeur of classical lighting into a format that feels relevant for contemporary homes. This pursuit has lead to the emergence of a new type of chandelier, somewhat urban and unessential in nature. It favours striking silhouettes over glamorous ornamentation — a feat made possible by advances in LED lighting. We recommend hanging them over your dining table or pride of place in spacious entranceways for an instant talking point.

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