5 Sumptuous Sofa Beds To See You Through The Season In Style

They are the furniture equivalent of tracksuits. Cosy styles that, while beloved, have garnered a reputation for missing the mark when it came to styling. And yet the modern sofa bed is changing. Evolving into a seamless and, dare we say it, debonair player in the dance of domesticity.


Our favourites this year aren’t so much furniture as talented quick change artists, shapeshifting from generous lounger to sumptuous boudoir without so much as a squeak. So just as Virgin Abloh introduced streetwear to Dior, allow us to acquaint you with five of the very finest sleeping designs. Destined to help you see more of the people you love this season. 

Multy Premier Sofa Bed

Easily the snuggest entry on our sleeping shortlist, Multy is a true all-rounder. Impossibly soft to sit on. Even better to snooze on. Its uber-thick mattress curls up to form the seat of the sofa — a generous gesture that lends the design its chunky appeal.  


Single or double? So goes the proposition from Conseta. Regulars will recognise it as COR’s bestselling sofa, now available with a concealed sleeping unit in two customisable sizes. A throw over the foldable cold-foam mattress makes the frame vanish, while the backrest cushions can remain in position to enable reading in bed. So generous is it, your guests will almost believe they’re back at home.


Bandy is the modernist choice. Perfect for contemporary homes in which stylistic compromise is not an option. We find it looks particularly good when nestled into a home office, doubling as both relaxing break out zone and surreptitious sleep station.


Yaki is the sofa bed you deploy at your own peril. In taking the same ingredients as a designer bed and pairing them with a special opening mechanism, it delivers classic Italian comfort on a wonderfully petite scale. So while none of the cushions need be removed, your guests will enviably try and linger. 


Daybe represents the new generation of daybeds: a beautiful, Scandi sofa with a serene little secret. Indeed, where conventional sofa beds were a maze of coils, springs and levers, Daybe slides into sleep mode with one smooth motion. We also happen to think it’s the most beautiful entrant on this shortlist — with clean lines and a wonderfully industrial backrest.


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