6 Ways To Get More Light Into Dark Interiors

We’ve all seen them. The gorgeous interiors that seem to have it all — floor to ceiling windows with stunning views of a forest and torrents of natural lighting. A commodity like no other, light has a direct impact on how we conduct and experience ourselves, but with many of us living in urban environments, these idyllic scenarios are few and far between.

As the clouds gather once more over our fair Isle, we want to talk about lighting — how to get more light into your home, tricks to maximise the natural light you do have and all the glorious between. Perhaps you have a study that resembles Mordor from October to February, or a dingy dining room that’s in serious need of luminosity. Fear not, our design experts have compiled their guide to preserving that summer glow all year round.

1) Mirror, Mirror On The Wall…

Free Standing Mirrors - Resized

You will immediately be familiar with the parts of your house that benefit from gorgeous natural lighting and the ones that don’t. The latter is a cool sanctuary in summer but a dank cave in winter, avoided by everyone except the cat. This season, use designer mirrors to reclaim your home. Position them in front of the windows so that they can receive the light or, where possible, have them face each other. You will be astonished at how the room opens up which, of course, makes this a great tip for smaller bedrooms as well. If you don’t want to commit to putting another hole in the wall, a flexible free standing mirror is a great solution.

Emerald Magnum Wall Mirror by Cattelan Italia

For those who are slightly more hammer-happy, the Emerald Magnum Wall Mirror by Cattelan Italia is a perfect companion when trying to invite the light back in. Other modern mirrors of note in this collection are the Janeiro Wall Mirror and the Camelot Wall Mirror, all of which are available in an array of sizes to suit any contemporary living space.

6) Though the Looking Glass

Dadox Side Table by Cattelan Italia

Glass and mirrored furniture is a godsend when it comes to bouncing light around your living room. Proven to give any decor a 21st century uplift, furniture like the Billy Low Tables and Portofino Console Table by Cattelan Italia can be integrated into traditional and modern spaces alike, their world famous Italian craftsmanship gifting an airy spaciousness to decors of all sizes.

Our desire to be surrounded by good lighting comes down to much more than aesthetics. It’s psychologically necessary. Hopefully, these design hacks show how we can use luxury furniture and contemporary lighting to increase our access to this precious resource and the benefits it provides. For more insider tips and design tricks, stay tuned to our blog and follow Chaplins across our social media channels for all things designer furniture.

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