At Home With: Edra

What will it mean to share space in 2022? A year in which many of our homes will continue to work harder than ever? It’s a question that many creatives have been wrestling with lately. And one that can’t easily be answered by a summary of the latest interior trends alone. It’s why in this series, we wanted to go beyond the styles themselves and into the homes they inhabit. Discovering what it’s like to live with high-design in a contemporary world. And the kind of possibilities it unfurls.


We’re kicking things off with 3 lovely villas that were authored, in part, by Edra. An Italian design house of fabled history and beauty. And easily the most thought-provoking brand of our roster. Each takes a highly individual approach to what it means to live luxuriously. Serving up striking landscapes on which the drama of everyday life can unfold.


Villa Geef

Initially, the residents behind Villa Geef wanted to go up instead of out, embarking on an ambitious series of multi-level villas. And yet architects, Damilano Studio, advised against competing with the neighbouring mountains, proffering a generous single-storey home instead. Today, the house hugs tight to the hills. A smooth plateau of modernist architecture with spectacular views of the Tuscan landscape.

“In all our projects, we attempt to invoke the five senses,” explains Duilio Damilano.


“The design of Villa Geef is minimalistic, with some inserts of local and natural materials that make it soft as well as suited to the surrounding environment.  Materiality and texture help play with light, whereas shadows help define the spaces”.


There is an undeniable sense of sumptuousness to life at Villa Geef. In the central living room guests are welcomed by the Standard Sofa. A bonafide island of softness, complete with supersized proportions and smart cushions.


Another notable design quirk are the many thinking man’s chairs dotted throughout the property.  Often positioned in the middle of open space, they become singular thrones on which to recline and reflect. A space for contemplation, solitude and calm.


In carving out spaces in which to be at once together yet apart, Villa Geef seems to strike the balance that so many homes have struggled with over the past two years.


“If the last couple of years have taught us anything, it’s that open-plan living has its limitations,” confirms Ray Ozcan, interior designer at Chaplins. “We need conviviality, of course. But the modern home also needs quiet zones in which to be productive or decompress.” 


Villa Geef seems uniquely positioned to handle this back and forth. Gliding doors help separate the living and sleeping quarters, while a covered porch connects the guest and main residences. Styles like the Standard sofa also stop from the premises from feeling stark or impersonal. It’s oversized cushions an island of softness on which to gather, rest or recline.

Orchard House

Sculpture but make it soft. Such was the brief for this award-winning residence hidden in leafy Melbourne suburbia. With its quirky, curvaceous shapes, it has an eclectic atmosphere. The kind of home that makes room for playfulness. And looks good doing it. 


“Our client wanted a house that could easily expand for entertaining but still feel intimate enough for family time,” explains interior designer, Chelsea Hing. 

As briefs go, it was no small feat. The bones of the building are deeply industrial, with soaring ceilings, concrete floors and wall-to-wall plaster. The solution for softening the space came in the form of whimsical furniture and lighting.  


“The furnishing selections were deliberately sculptural and avant-garde in order to break the formal tension of the rooms,” she explains. “We also had to resolve a tricky triangulated living area.”

Snaking through the lounge is the meandering On The Rocks sofa. A Francesco Binfare classic. And a truly sumptuous expression of style. With its sinuous sectionals, it opens up the room from all angles. Encouraging family members to snuggle, relax and roll.


Taken together with loop-the-loop lighting and bubbly capitonné beds, they lend the space an organic feel. An artistic and aesthetic home, yes. But a truly cosy one, too. 

“We were chuffed to hear that the kids feel really at home in the house” gushes Chelsea.


“Ultimately my work is about exploring different ways to balance all the comfort and and liveability we come to expect from our interiors, while creating an emotional sense of home.”

Fort Lauderdale Villa

Florida homes have a reputation for ostentation, with many characterised by a magpie-like preference for metal and glass.


And yet this hearty apartment in Fort Lauderdale seems born from another school of thought altogether. With its earthy palette and countryside silhouettes, it has all the hallmarks of cottage-core, albeit with contemporary Italian and American influences woven throughout. As definitions go, we’ll settle for modern rustic. Although there is much more bubbling beneath the surface of this stylish home.

The greatest challenge for Miami-based interior designer Daniela Saliba wasn’t aesthetic, however, but getting it all done on time.


“The elevator in the building was tiny,” she says. “And we had to finish it all before the family moved in from Brazil.”


All rich, tactile treasures, the heartwarming home doesn’t reveal any of the struggle. Centre stage in the living is another Edra Standard sofa. Just one of the many enveloping designs to sink into.

With its many gallery walls and rustic references, it is the most aesthetically “busy” of all the villas. And yet it earns a lived-in appeal because of it. Lighting is kept linear and the desks mounted on the walls so as to make space for all the many activities a home now encompasses. Meanwhile the warmth of Brazil is referenced in the cornucopia of wood tables and leather chairs — each gracefully ageing with a unique patina and charm.


With its thoughtful composition, it shakes off the stereotype of what a traditionally contemporary home should be. Positing tactility and comfort as two defining pillars of luxury living.


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