Cesca Chair by Knoll

Meet Cesca: An Icon At 90

Cesca promises clean lines. Continuous curves. And the kind of staying power once only enjoyed by The Beatles. But did you know it actually started off life as a bike? In this week’s read, we delve into the story behind one of design’s most iconic seating styles.

Clever Lighting Tricks For Every Room In The House

Light changes everything. How swiftly we sleep. How cosy we feel. How intensely we’re able to work. And yet stronger isn’t always better when it comes to finding the right kind of light for our living spaces.   From the soft sheen of the bedroom to the bright glow of the office, every ambient has … Continued

Turn Up The Texture With These 3 Soulful Stones

The season of staying in is upon us, which is why, this autumn, we’re looking for textures that can take us places. From the craggy shores of Lombardy to the epic architecture of Ancient Greece, these soulful stones share hidden histories while hinting at organic futures to come.

French Fancy: The Secrets Of Homes With Je Ne Sais Quoi

France, for many students of style, is the pinnacle of cool. A nation so effortlessly stylish, they seem to exude it instinctively. In this blog, we take a deep dive into all things chic, demystifying the French je ne sais quoi and unravelling how we can each invite it into our homes.

6 Ways To Style A Beetle Chair

Where to begin with the Beetle? Since it’s raucous debut, it has single-handedly reignited the vogue for velvet. And revealed a rich new roadmap for what contemporary Scandinavian design can be. In this quick read, we share six of our favourite ways to style this contemporary classic at home.

AW21 Colour Stories

Our AW21 palettes can be slipped into existing schemes without fuss or fanfare. Or, should you desire, used as the springboard for a whole new autumnal adventure. We hope you enjoy them. And that you try them. And that each might bring you closer to creating a rich and inviting experience of home this season.

Say Hello To The World’s Most Creative Families

They are the closest thing design has to royalty: a handful of enigmatic families whose duty it is to imagine a more beautiful, welcoming world. As we tiptoe towards autumn, we caught up with four of design’s first families, to find out how they balance work, relationships and the responsibility of creating the future.

New & Noteworthy: August Interior Design Update

August is an exciting month at Chaplins. While the world basks in the Great Outdoors, we’re busy updating our showroom with the latest ideas and styles from across the globe. This month’s Style Shortlist sees the addition of cult Scandi brand, Fredericia, and many an ethereal showroom style.

The Future Of Home: Storage That Shapeshifts

If our homes are to keep up with the myriad demands we now make of them, they must become agile. Less of a compartmentalised machine as Le Corbusier once imagined. And more of a eco-system. To do this, we’ll need a new kind of design. Nimble enough to create and connect rooms. And committed to … Continued