Autumn/Winter Interior Trend Report 2020

Design is about experimentation — a constant investigation into the ways we can live better with those we love most. It’s in this inquisitive spirit that we bring you our Autumn Trend Report: a helicopter view of the textures, shapes and ideas bringing contemporary homes to life.

Art House

The season’s hot take? Art isn’t just for walls. This autumn, stylists have been incorporating abstract colours and designs in an attempt to find new ways of inspiring creativity at home. Statement designer rugs give way to curious wave-shaped sofas — each groove perfectly projected to hug the body in place. An eclectic mix, we like to start small, picking up a unique piece that will slowly introduce personality into every room.

Fenis Chair

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Flock of Light Pendant Light

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Out of the Woodwork

Clever joinery and beautiful marquetry define this season’s collection of tables and chairs. There are brand new pieces like Porada’s Bouchon as well as lost and found items such as Vitra’s Chaise Bois Chair and Poltrona Frau’s Kyoto Table. The former was originally designed by Gianfranco Frattini in the early 1970s following a trip to Japan. It was a there that he first discovered the philosophy of minimalism, of living in a way where little is added and nothing lost. This translates beautifully into the Kyoto series — tables in which the construction concept gives form to the object itself.

Kyoto Coffee Table

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Bouchon Marmo Side Table

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Quick style fixes this season can be found in the form of delicate micro-shelving. Gorgeous in hallways or as a home-office storage hack — these mini marvels help keep everything you love, close.

Corbel Shelf

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Folded Shelves

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Sculptural Matter

Sculptural matter refers to designs inspired by the ungovernable forces of nature. Irregular volumes meet to create unique focal points while sculpted sofa silhouettes recall the Japanese stones placed to protect and embellish river banks. Taken together, the curious mix of curvilinear lines create a dialogue with the architecture & surrounding space — a landscape for living that is deeply connected to the world around it. Look for roughly hewn stone tables, natural blown glass orbs and soft furnishings that appear to have been sculpted by the elements.

DS 707 Armchair

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Circus Dining Table

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A Thing For Jewels

Another way to let your interiors sing is with a selection of precious jewel tones. So far, we’ve spotted citrine yellow and indulgent amethyst at Poltrona Frau as well rich ruby at Lema and Jesse. Traditionally used as stand-alone feature hues, this year stylists have gone a step further, mixing and matching hues from across the spectrum for dramatic effect.

Apidea Rug

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Kobe Bedside Tables

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Opposites Attract

It’s often said that opposites attract and in design they’re not wrong. Perfect pairings this season include luxurious wood’n’marble combos as well as more industrial experiments with concrete and ceramic. While each design is unique, as a trend it seeks to create exciting tensions between the warmth of natural materials and their man-made counterparts.

Sinai Coffee Tables

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Androgyne Lounge Table

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Will you be trying out any of these ideas at home? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter & Instagram. Don’t forget that you can shop all the designs above online or in-store at Chaplins, with many items now included in our Autumn Promotion. 


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