Back To Basics: Discover Our A/W Style Staples

We have a tendency to go looking for peace in far-flung places. And while the novelty of travel can offer up a temporary balm, this season, we’d like to locate serenity a little closer to home. Specifically, in the objects and people we invite in. 


It’s why within this edit, you’ll find no flashy tricks. Just down-to-earth, honest styles that are a joy to sink into. Expect simple shapes. Soft sheepskin wools. And a general celebration of craft in its kaleidoscopic forms. For each of these designs bear the hallmark of their makers; elegant little details that’ll keep you grounded when the world feels chaotic.

Pews To Perch On

There’s something reverent about this season’s crop of lounge chairs. Most sit low to the ground — a meditative pose that encourages us to indulge in moments of quiet. Then there are the legs. Beautifully hewn and deliciously chunky, they wind upwards like ancient roots, serving as an elegant reminder of the world beneath our feet.

Brasilia Lounge Chair

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The Spanish Chair

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Our current favourites include the new Brasilia Lounge Chair by Menu — a generous lounger that sits somewhere between Brazilian and Nordic modernism.

Chests To Treasure

For a long time, cabinets were presumed passé. One of the first victims to go in the context of smaller living spaces. And yet recent years have seen quite a revival of free-standing storage styles.


The mostly hotly anticipated launch this month comes from Gubi, with the debut of their new Private collection by Space Copenhagen. Through a series of classic designs, the studio seeks to play with the idea of open and closed space, with the bookcase doubling up as an elegant room divider.


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And whether it’s to stash away crockery or as a springboard for beloved heirlooms, these clever little units have been recuperated with the same promise as always: to make room for what matters. And to look good doing it.

Styles To Feast On

The last two years have been a period of much soul-searching, with many designers looking backwards for guidance and inspiration. It should perhaps come as no surprise, then, that in 2022, our creative wells will be replenished by the re-adoption of ancient arts and crafts, each of which promises to write evocative interior stories.


In our dining rooms this looks like beautiful inlaid surfaces, unhurried joinery and a commitment to simpler shapes. We noticed it first at Porada, where their usually ornate silhouettes were swapped for more classic expressions of style.  


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Underwriting it all is a sense of going back to one’s roots. To finding out what made us love design in the first place. And selecting styles that make us feel connected to a wider legacy of craft and creativity.

Lamps To Guide You


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As the days dwindle ever shorter, light takes on a sacred quality inside our homes. This season, lighting designers have sought to connect us with this poetic life-force through a series of delightful little details.

Twiggy Wood

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PH 2/2 Question Mark Lamp

Limited Edition

In the limited edition 2/2 Question Mark Lamp, aesthetes can make use of an elegant brass handle, which allows them to shape and splash puddles of light where required. Inside the Skygarden Pendant Light, meanwhile, elegant cornicing can be found — a fantasy of flowers, berries that leaves that lends contemporary homes the ornate glory of a Georgian ceiling.

Designs That Let You Find Your Flow



Czech psychologist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi famously described a flow state as a feeling of complete absorption and contentment — the sweet spot where the chatter of the mind lulls as we dedicate ourself entirely to the task at hand. 


Our ability to slip into such states is intricately correlated the amount of stretch and satisfaction we feel in our daily life. And is a concept we’ve been thinking a lot about at Chaplins as we’ve helped clients author more home offices. 

Petite Desks

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While the conditions for flow will look slightly different for everyone, there are a couple of hard and fast rules that can be applied. The first, you need a dedicated spot to get down to business. And while the end of the dining table will do, a petite desk is better. 


The second is all about visual comfort. An idea that starts with good task lighting and ends with more abstract ideas like greenery, biophilic design and organisation. Remember, distraction is the enemy of flow. So cultivating a space in which you can stow away gadgets and amp up your exposure to natural elements is an important step to creating a space that let’s you find deep, rewarding focus. 

A Sanctuary For Sleep

Volage Ex

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Sliding into serene sleep is a little bit like finding one’s flow. The wind-down lighting has to be just right. And so does the mattress and environment. Here, we’ve selected a couple of designer styles that work hard to minimise some of the variables that can derail sleep. 


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From wraparound headboards with noise cancelling technology to bespoke fitted wardrobes, they promise to make light work of beautifying your space, while delivering a welcoming sanctuary for rest. 


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