Beat The Heat: 5 Furniture Hacks To Help You Keep Cool

We spent the grisly winter months pining for the soft kiss of sunshine, but when it arrived we found ourselves woefully underprepared for its intensity. Restless nights and sticky days left many contemplating whether it was time to invest in an Air Conditioning Unit or, at the very least, a long weekend in Reykjavik. But could it be that your furniture was actually making it worse? Read our insider guide to discover the furniture hacks that will transform your home from a stuffy enclosure into a Mediterranean style Zen — just in time for summer.


Have you ever wondered why marble countertops feel particularly cool to the touch? There’s a reason the floors around the Grand Kebba are paved with marble and it’s not decadence. Marble has a particularly high thermal conductivity which makes it an excellent choice for hotter climates. Heat passes easily from warm sources into the precious stone where it will then dissipate quickly without heating up. Its resurgence this summer comes as no surprise as temperatures soar and homeowners look to their furniture to help cool down.

With the Chaplins Summer Sale now on, there’s never been a better time to grab a gorgeous marble icon for less. From the ethereal Grasshopper Marble Dining Table to Piero Lissoni’s 9 Marble Side Tables, with Chaplins there’s a marble moment for everyone.

  • Reale Dining Table - Marble Top

    Reale Dining Table - Marble Top

    Designed in 1946 for Zanotta, the Reale Dining Table pays homage to the great Carlo Mollino and forms part of an eccentric yet elegant collection from one of the leaders in Italian industrial design.



  • 9 Marble Side Table

    9 Marble Side Table

    This elegant side table was created in 2014 by Piero Lissoni for Italian manufacturer Cassina.



  • Grasshopper Round Dining Table

    Grasshopper Round Dining Table

    Created by acclaimed designer Piero Lissoni for sophisticated manufacturer Knoll, the Grasshopper dining table range was introduced at Milan 2017 to much praise.



  • Lithos Coffee Table

    Lithos Coffee Table

    Elegant square coffee table designed by Antonio Citterio, which can either sit in the centre of a room or next to the sofa.



Beat The Heat: Natural Weave Furniture


Having separate summer and winter textiles is a perfect way to refresh your home when the warmer months arrive. When trying to keep cool, opt for natural fibres like linen, cotton, silk, wool and jute. GAN combine natural fibres with intricate Indian craftsmanship to create an authentic collection of poufs, cushions and rugs that are perfect for summertime relaxing. GAN textiles also come equipped with a feel-good-factor. Their meticulous preservation of traditional Indian methods actively uplifts local communities while weaving the colourful story of Eastern aestheticism for a whole new global audience.

  • Sail Black Pouf

    Sail Black Pouf

    Designed by Héctor Serrano the Sail pouf uses the traditional techniques of the wool dhurrie rugs to create a fresh and modern feel, with volume and Eastern essence.



  • Trenzas Taupe Pouf

    Trenzas Taupe Pouf

    Made of wool and cotton on manual looms, the Trenzas pouf displays nature in a pure form while evoking comfort and quality.



  • Sail Black Rug

    Sail Black Rug

    Designed by Héctor Serrano the Sail rug uses the traditional techniques of the wool dhurrie rugs to create a fresh and modern feel, with volume and Eastern essence.



  • Sail Taupe Square Pouf

    Sail Taupe Square Pouf

    Designed by Héctor Serrano the Sail pouf uses the traditional techniques of the wool dhurrie rugs to create a fresh and modern feel, with volume and Eastern essence.



Beat the heat - Living Room Layout


During the hotter months we get lots of high summer sun pouring in through east and west facing windows. Where possible, try to orient your during-the-day hosting in rooms with north and south facing windows. You’ll find that flexible furniture options such as poufs and footstools come into their own here while doubling up as extra seating options for summer guests.

  • Abstract Soft Silver Canevas Pouf

    Abstract Soft Silver Canevas Pouf

    Decorated with a large scale cross stitch embroidery, the Canevas Pouf will add character to any modern environment.



  • LC2 Ottoman

    LC2 Ottoman

    A timeless classic, one that made design history. Designed in 1928, the LC2 is the archetype of the modern ottoman.



  • Esedra Pouf

    Esedra Pouf

    Monica Förster took her inspiration from the large circular forms of woven straw typical of Lapp handicrafts in designing this welcoming pouf.



  • Sacco Beanbag

    Sacco Beanbag

    Designed by trio Gatti, Paolini & Teodoro for Zanotta in 1968, the Sacco beanbag is the winner of an array of prestigious awards and is held at design museums around the world.



Beat the Heat - Bar Trolleys


The role of host/hostess can be a stressful one. Plagued with requests for ice, clean cups and top ups, you can spend the whole day in a cold sweat running back and forth to the kitchen. The Roshults Bar Trolley slides in as the perfect companion for a boozy Sunday barbeque, saving you any fluster and allowing you to maximize the time spent socializing with guests.

  • Garden Kitchen Outdoor Trolley

    Garden Kitchen Outdoor Trolley

    Featuring a classic yet modern design, it provides storage area as well as workspace for your outdoor cooking.



  • Spritz Bar Trolley

    Spritz Bar Trolley

    Featuring a sharp and sleek design crafted from walnut that is available as natural, moka stained or wengé stained.



  • Mojito Bar Trolley

    Mojito Bar Trolley

    The Mojito trolley bar is created from a chrome structure and is ideal for any contemporary area.



  • Mister Bar Trolley

    Mister Bar Trolley

    Stylish and modern, this bar trolley by Andreas Weber features two shelves 'floating' on a stainless steel frame with customisable handles.



Beat the Heat - Colour Scheme


If you’re feeling adventurous or simply just need a change of scene, changing your colour scheme can be a god send in the muggy summer months. Think Mediterranean white walls with pops of bright colour, blues, yellows and reds for accessories — Pantone are tipping orange as the next big thing for 2018. Neutral walls will reflect light better and gift a feeling of year round freshness.

  • Pilot Fabric High-Back Multicoloured Armchair

    Pilot Fabric High-Back Multicoloured Armchair

    The Pilot Chair embodies refinement, comfort and exceptional craftmanship. A modern piece with a unique silhouette.



  • Togo Small Sofa

    Togo Small Sofa

    Ligne Roset’s Togo is an iconic piece designed for an easy carefree way of life, which has been a best-seller since its launch in the early seventies.



  • Multileg Cabinet Showtime

    Multileg Cabinet Showtime

    The Multileg cabinet features a multitude of leg designs inspired by different styles.



  • Husk '15 Oak Legs Chair

    Husk '15 Oak Legs Chair

    Warm and comfortable, the Husk range was created in the 2010s by Patricia Urquiola for design pioneers B&B Italia.



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