B&B Italia quality means good-looking, comfortable, long-lasting furniture.

Ever since its foundation in 1966, B&B Italia has been a leader in the world of contemporary furniture. The brand has won international acclaim as a representative of Italian furniture design, both for homes and public areas. B&B Italia’s collection stems from their ability to represent contemporary culture and respond quickly to the new needs that emerge from today’s evolving lifestyles. It is this alchemy resulting from a mix of creativity, innovation and production that creates modern, yet timeless, pieces of furniture. B&B Italia collaborates with international designers, leaving its own distinctive mark on each product: every design is unique, an exemplification of the values of research, creativity and function. B&B Italia’s goal has always been to guarantee the highest possible quality. Research into design, appearance and shape, along with brands commitment to the intrinsic quality of each product mean meticulous research into materials, analysis of their characteristics, experiments and testing. Quality means good-looking, comfortable, long-lasting furniture.