10 Of The Best Designer Sofas In The Chaplins Winter Sale

10 Of The Best Designer Sofas In The Chaplins Winter Sale

Choosing a designer sofa is a bit like finding the right partner. While looks are important, so too is quality, and you’ll need to try a few before settling for the right one. To help out, we’ve compiled a list of 10 of the best designer sofas, all of which can be found in our 25,000 sq ft lifestyle showroom with up to 15% off.

Maralunga 40 Maxi Sofa by Cassina

Designed in 1973 by Vico Magistretti, the Maralunga Sofa is a symbol of fine Italian design. At this year’s Milan Design Week, Cassina launched a new Maxi edition, boasting larger proportions and new feather-filled cushions. The patented bicycle chain system of course remains, allowing the gently backrests to bend and fold as desired.

Atlas is a generous yet versatile modern sofa. Its modular format allows you to choose from a diverse range of units, creating a customized island of tranquility. Knowing that comfort feels different for all of us, it champions an asymmetric style where armrests of different widths and heights can coexist within the same design.

William Sofa by Zanotta

William is the brainchild of British-born designer, Damian Williamson. The result of what he describes as a visual “quest for longevity”, it’s a more traditional sofa than the previous two. However, with its clean lines and sumptuous padding, we know it’s a sofa that you’ll love for life. (If you’d like to find out more about this style icon, be sure to read our interview with Damian Williamson, available here).

Atoll Sofa by B&B Italia

Atoll is a stately yet stylish sofa from B&B Italia. It’s defining feature? A set of striking bolster cushions at either end. They add a new level of formality to Citterio’s luxe Italian style and are an indication that we might be seeing more traditionally styled sofas in the years to come.

Florence Knoll Sofa by Knoll

The mid-century is widely acknowledged as a golden era for design due in no small part to the ceaseless innovation of Florence Knoll. This eponymous sofa symbolises everything she stood for — clean, unfettered silhouettes enlivened by warm colour. Utterly modern yet totally timeless, it is the archetypal modern sofa.

Chamfer Sofa by Moroso

To some, a chamfer is a just a symmetrical sloping edge. To Patricia Urquiola, it’s a beautiful design concept to be brought to life. Existing somewhere between a rounded loveseat and a generous corner sofa, Chamfer opens up the room, hugging its inhabitants in a hexagonal embrace.

Enki Sofa by Ligne Roset

Elegant yet practical, Enki is the epitomé of chic French design. Its classic silhouette conveys effortless style, paying tribute to the French expression: “Plus ça change, plus c’est la même chose” (the more things change, the more they stay the same). Available with an unmissable discount from the 1st January 2018.

Standard Sofa by Edra

Standard combines the solitary pleasure of an armchair with the cosiness of a sofa. Each seat is its own island of softness, responsive to your every movement thanks to Edra’s smart pillow technology. With the design pendulum swinging towards softer, rounder sofas, it’s the only choice for those who crave unparalleled comfort.

Albert Sofa by Molteni&C

Albert is the ultimate modular sofa. Units of different depths can be joined at will in an attempt to mimic the complexity of modern living. A system that grows and expands alongside your family, it is one of the latest releases from luxury Italian manufacturer, Molteni&C.

Kirk Sofa by Porada

Kirk is an incredibly versatile modern sofa, equally at home in classic or contemporary residences. It features a stunning Caneletta walnut trim, paying homage to Porada’s long love affair with precious woods.

We know that purchasing a designer sofa is a special investment. The above list represents 10 of the very best that we simply couldn’t live without. To get inspired, be sure to pop by our 25,000 sq ft lifestyle showroom, where you’ll find all of the above on display. 


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