2019 Interior Colour Forecast

2019 Interior Colour Forecast

We always find ourselves more susceptible to colour at this time of year. Set against the barren backdrop of winter, the right hue has the ability to uplift and reshape our spaces, if only we’re bold enough to use them. With many of the major colour gurus revealing their predictions for the year ahead, we’ve poured over every palette and lookbook to help bring you our own 2019 Interior Colour Forecast. We’ll reveal the latest colour trends and how to use them via a selection of inspirational homes. So sit back and relax as we embark on a journey through colour.

Spring Red

This stylish spring red conveys the optimism of a new season with just enough rooty undertones to help it feel grounded during the cooler months. A mixture of cherry blossom and raspberry red, its piquant notes contrast beautifully with rough textiles and 70s shag. We were particularly delighted to see it in Porada’s new SS19 collection, replacing their usual zesty green as the perfect partner for rich wood furniture.

Looks good with: Wooden furniture and natural textiles

Down To Earth

Operating under names such as raw, connect and repair, the ardent desire to reconnect with nature is ever present in this season’s crop of colours. Unlike 2017’s zesty greens, these new additions are muted and soft, featuring earthy greens with dashes of spicy cinnamon. Of particular note is the colour Celadon, a grey-ish green that promises to make a splash in contemporary living rooms. It’s soothing tones also mean that it’s a great choice for modern bedrooms, with Fritz Hansen offering a variety of a statement pendant lights in this finish.

Looks good with: Pared-back furnishings with plenty of wicker and cane.

The most precious of all hues is weaving an opulent interior story this season. Revered for its precious lustre, gold infuses warmth and luxury to both neutral and monochrome palettes. Whether riven through Calacatta marble or as the base of a stylish dining table, it adds an undeniable glamour to contemporary schemes. The trick is to use it sparingly, allowing its timeless allure to surprise and delight.

Looks good with:  Precious stoneware and glass. 

The word trend innately suggests a sense of ephemerality. And yet some have real staying power. Blush and baby pink have been the buzzwords in design ever since 2013. Six years later, we weren’t surprised to see that every look book we examined had a rendition of this hue, suggesting it’s become a staple in modern interiors. This year, we’ll be pairing it with soft apricots and lush greens to create a deliciously fresh spring palette.

Looks good with: warm metallic accent details.

Searing teals and brazen burgundies are just some of the regal hues being deployed to create a truly immersive living space. The antithesis of minimalism, they are most at home when used with rich velvets and opulent metals, denoting an unmistakable Art Deco elegance. Creative yet sensory, they seek to bring your surroundings to life, marrying traditional forms with daring hues.

Looks good with: Eccentric monochrome prints from statement rugs to quirky cabinets.

Living Coral

Of course, we couldn’t sign off without mentioning a rather controversial colour story. Living Coral, dubbed Pantone’s Colour of the Year 2019, was released earlier this month to somewhat mixed reviews. At it’s worst, the criticism was, well, scathing. Deemed naive rather than optimistic by Dezeen, it was portrayed as a garish salve for those concerned about their environmental footprint, more parody than remedy. While, of course, one colour cannot possibly hope to represent or resolve our complicated Zeitgeist, it can prompt a discussion and serve as a visual reminder for the work that needs to be done. We’ll let you decide whether it makes you feel cheery or weary, but we can’t deny it adds a vibrant boost to the stylish interiors above.

Looks good with: Take nature as your guide, incorporating sage greens, off-whites and plenty of rattan.

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