5 Alternatives To Florals This Spring

5 Alternatives To Florals This Spring

There are a couple of ways to incorporate florals into your interior this spring. But as Miranda Priestly once said, it’s not exactly groundbreaking design territory. This year, it seems the interior design gods were in agreement and the season’s furniture fairs were filled with stunning alternatives. From statement stripes to vivacious marbles, these fresh finishes promise to add colour and life to any interior.

Statement Stripes

For years, interior designers have used stripes to amplify modern living spaces. Confident and fun, they can be used to establish stunning focal points or to draw out striking silhouettes. One case in point is the Fiam Big Waves Dining Table, whose bold glass base gains a deep dimensionality thanks to its beautiful striped ridges. Whereas floral patterns tend to wax and wane in popularity, there’s something timeless to be said for striped decor, especially as a delicate accent detail. For hard furnishings with strong graphic lines, we recommend limiting your colour palette to a few key hues (monochrome meets red is a classic), whereas wider stripes can generally get away with more variety. As with everything, balance is key, so make sure you give any striped furniture plenty of room to breathe.

Mix and Match Prints

This approach is all about unusual encounters between patterns and hues. Leading the fore is Patricia Urquiola whose daring Fishbone Coffee Table pairs mother-of-pearl, marble and herringbone prints all within the same design. The effect is a lively maximalist alternative to the usual oversized blooms that seem to circulate at this time of year. Best served on a contemporary rug or statement coffee table, it reveals the power of contrast in the search for new expressions of colour and style.

Vibrant Marbles

As modern life becomes increasingly digital, we look to create homes that will take us back to our roots. For many, this means spending more time in the garden while finding new ways to bring the outdoors in. At Chaplins, one of our favourite ways to do so is with natural stones and coloured marbles, whose textured veins are a reminder of the abundance and beauty of the world around us. Standouts include Knoll’s Rosso Rubino marble and Gubi’s Verdi Alpi, available on their Grasshopper, Saarinen and TS Collections respectively. We’re also seeing more experimental Keramik options from the likes of Cattelan Italia, whose new Makalu finish is a swirling nebula of inky greys and golden yellows.

Turning Tides

Aquatic motifs can also provide a refreshing update for those who aren’t fussed about florals. Much more than your usual nautical style, this trend sees designers experimenting with iridescent blues and gorgeous ripples to bring a sense of movement to modern spaces. Paola Lenti is the undisputed queen here, creating stunning outdoor furniture that manages to capture the opalescent hues of our glimmering oceans. Of particular note are the Sciara Outdoor Side Tables, whose ornate tiles look like tiny turquoise fossils collected from deep under the sea bed.

Contemporary Checks

With roots dating back to the 3rd century AD, checks and tartan have come a long way. Today’s contemporary checks have taken this traditional pattern behind mere upholstery and into the exciting world of glass and carpentry. Gallotti & Radice provided one such generous update in the form of a stunning Tweed pattern crafted from inlaid wood and masterfully applied to the Cookies Coffee Table. Tactile yet modern, it brings a refined glamour to this bestselling design. Most intriguing of all however is the LAN collection designed by Chinese duo, Neri & Hu. Famed for their minimal, pared back designs, the traditional upholstery marks a bold departure from their usual style. Released as part of GAN’s Spaces collection, tartan adds a cosy familiarity to this deconstructed lounge series.


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