5 Small Side Tables Everyone Needs for Under £500

5 Small Side Tables Everyone Needs for Under £500

When it comes to our homes, sometimes the smallest of changes can make a big difference. Whether it’s a new side table or a beautiful pendant light, it’s the details that help us to stay in love with our spaces. This season, we’re encouraging you to get your bit on the side with our selection of small side tables, all available for under £500. Happy styling!

1) Sting Side Table by Cattelan Italia

Marble is one of the most precious stones known to man. However, it requires careful maintenance if it’s to remain in perfect condition. Enter ceramic. A versatile, resistant material, it gifts the timeless allure of marble with none of the fuss, making it an ideal choice for a modern side table. Cattelan Italia‘s Sting is one such stunning example. Position alone or in groups for a glamorous interior update.

2) Overdyed Side Table by Moroso

Wood in all its natural beauty is brought to life by a series of iridescent paints that serve to emphasize the Overdyed Side Table’s stunning grain. Paired with an industrial base and chain detail it takes on a grungy look that adds style and personality to contemporary living spaces.

3) Servomuto Side Table by Zanotta

No Chaplins roundup would be complete without at least one icon of Italian design. Designed in 1974 by Achille Castiglioni, Servomuto is an instantly recognisable side table. Revered for its lightweight linear form, it adds visual intrigue while serving a practical purpose, making it ideal for small residences or first-time design buyers.

4) Laccio Side Table by Knoll

In 2019, the Bauhaus art school turns 100, marking a century of influence on the world stage. One of its key protagonists was Marcel Breuer, the mastermind behind the Wassily Armchairs and Laccio Side Tables. The latter encapsulates everything that was revolutionary about the movement, using tubular steel and architectural forms to define lines in space.

5) Mategot Side Table by Gubi

Danish design house, Gubi, breathes new life into a Mathieu Matégot classic with this eponymous side table. An effortless combination of smoked glass and stylish brass, it exudes vintage glamour for a contemporary audience. Designed in 1960, it represented a departure from some of his more flamboyant designs and the start of an investigation into more sophisticated forms.



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