August Interior Design Update: The Hottest Drops, Trends & Ideas

August Interior Design Update: The Hottest Drops, Trends & Ideas

August is an exciting month at Chaplins. While the world basks in the Great Outdoors, we’re busy updating our showroom with the latest ideas and styles from across the globe. This month’s Style Shortlist sees the return of surrealist masterpieces and soaring silhouettes — brought down to earth by lichen greens and alfresco steals. Keep on reading for more.

The Collection

A self-professed hermit, Carlo Mollino was a trailblazing architect, designer and photographer, whose explorations of the surreal took place in secret in a selection of splendidly adorned apartments across Italy. Unknown to even the closest of kin, many of these residences have since become museums — time capsules in which to unravel the life and times of one of Italy’s most elusive eccentrics.

Carlino Drawer

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Fenis Chair

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This implicit sense of mystery is what makes the launch of the Mollino Collection at Chaplins all the more exciting. While design-lovers will be familiar with the soaring lines of the Cavour Desk, they are less so with the surrealist stilts of the Ardea and Carlino collection. Refashioned in stylish new finishes by Italian design house, Zanotta, the collection invites the artistically inclined to indulge in a series of sculptural fantasies. Naturally, we can’t get enough of it.

The Finish

Skorpio CrystalArt Dining Table

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The immeasurable beauty of the Universe is captured in a variety of mesmerising glass techniques this season. At Lasvit, this looks like the resurrection of an ancient glass-blowing technique called lithyalin. Invented in Northern Bohemia more than 200 years ago, it’s precise alchemy is a closely guarded secret that allows glass-blowers to create surfaces that resemble intricate gemstones. Meanwhile, at Cattelan Italia, their award-winning CrystalArt finish sees the addition of a new colourway — a burnished mix of soft browns that resemble interstellar nebula.

Spacey Pendant Light

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Sherazade Collection

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Lovers of Critall-style windows will also be delighted to discover the Sherazade Collection by Glas Italia. Available as movable wall panels or sliding doors, it provides‎ a contemporary interpretation of stained glass windows, framing key environments with gorgeous light effects.

The Mood

Split Dining Table

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For many of us, August is the epitome of summer, the long days granting the sensation that time has slowed down — if only fleetingly. With all of us looking to spend as much time in the sun as possible, we’ve rounded up a selection of outdoor dining tables all available with Quickship delivery. So whether you favour German or Scandi style, you can capture the eternal summer mood of dining alfresco.

Linear Steel Outdoor Dining Table

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Joy Round Dining Table

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The Trend

AJ Table Lamp (new colours)

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In the world of contemporary lighting, the lines are sharpening as designers look to linear styles to convey a sense of architectural rigour. Whether as stand-alone styles (Tinkering by Moooi) or delicate eco-systems of light (Infra-Structure by Flos), they each revel in a pared-back approach to modern lighting.

Tinkering Pendant Light

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Infra-Structure Pendant Light

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The Colour

Livre Armchair (Coming Soon)

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Colour-wise, soothing green schemes are the summer’s hot pick. We’ve scoured the collections of some of our favourite design houses and found everything from khaki to earthy forest hues taking centre stage. Of particular note is the new Lud’o Lounge Chair from Cappellini — crafted entirely from recycled materials and made all the more versatile by its easily removable covers.

Cameleonda Sofa

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Lud’o Lounge Chair

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