Autumn Sale Highlights – The Perfect Modern Dining Table for Your Space

Autumn Sale Highlights – The Perfect Modern Dining Table for Your Space

Your dining area is an essential part of your living space. It’s a place in which to eat, relax and bring people together. With it holding such importance in the home, there’s all the more reason as to why it should not be done in poor taste. With a luxurious collection of bistro, extendable and extravagant dining tables we’ve got a design to serve you this autumn sale.

Intimate Dinner Date

Create the perfect setting for an intimate dining experience with one of our compact and easily integrated modern dining tables. With styles set to serve all kinds of creative taste buds our delectable range offers fit for purpose, small scale dining in a range of wood, lacquer and glass finishes. The Porada Retro Round dining table is the perfect example of an intimate dining essential with its petite round structure and elegant base.

Everyday Dining

Family life can often be unpredictable which may mean you need to be a little more cautious when investing in an opulent interior. Here at Chaplins we understand the importance of product sustainability knowing endurance to everyday abrasion is essential. That’s why we pride ourselves on investment designs such as the Gordon Keramik dining table and AX dining table, which are ideal for family life thanks to their hard wearing, and high quality table tops.

Flexible feasting

Thanks to ergonomic inventions, innovative materials and impressive engineering techniques designer dining tables have never been more flexible. With designers acknowledging the demands of peoples ever evolving lifestyles, we’ve seen an influx in interiors catered to life’s little un-expectancies. With extendable pieces such as the Premier Wood Drive dining table and the Artistico Wood table by Bontempi Casa, you’ll be fit to serve extra additions at any given notice this autumn/winter.

Independent Living

With a vast selection of exquisite bar and bistro tables available on the market, independent eaters need not have limitations when it comes to contemporary dining. Thanks to the likes of Cattelan Italia’s Nido Keramik Bistro Table & the Vincent table by Bontempi Casa, independent eating never looked so good. Combined with sophisticated seating and the correct lighting, the perfect ambiance can be achieved in almost any self-governing environment.

Impress Your Guests

Invite your guests to experience contemporary excellence at the heart of your home this autumn/winter. Let them feast their eyes upon your opulent dining setting, as you witness the admiration exuding from their eyes. From scintillating surfaces to extravagant bases, the definition of fine dining has never been more appropriate when admiring the likes of Porada’s sculptured Infinity masterpiece, and Edra’s extravagant glass finish Egeo table.

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