AW19 Colour Watch: Indigo Blue

AW19 Colour Watch: Indigo Blue

In many ways, blue is the ideal decorating hue. It encapsulates some of nature’s most calming shades and consistently polls as the world’s favourite colour. This season, however, there’s a new blue on the block and it’s no shrinking violet. Indigo blue is brighter and more piquant than any shade found in nature. As such, the designs it adorns tend to be equally daring — a deliberate celebration of ingenuity and flair. In this week’s blog, we thought we’d take a look at how some of our favourite luxury interior brands are styling this of-the-moment blue, alongside our very own do’s and don’t’s for all things indigo.

Indigo Blue at Cassina

Indigo blue was in full force at Cassina’s showroom at Salone del Milano this year. So much so, they dedicated one of their new Oritigia velvet shades to it — a sure signifier of its relevance for the years to come. A deep yet vibrant blue, it was paired with red and yellow in homage to the Bauhaus preference for primary colours. This is a bold look that takes some thought to pull off but is well worth the effort. Start small with mix-and-match dining chairs and build your aesthetic from there. For the more adventurous, we recommend a look at Cassina’s Back Wing Armchair, upholstered in indigo blue velvet.

Indigo Blue at Porada

Indigo blue is a perfect match for rich, soulful woods. As such, it finds itself a natural home in Porada, an Italian brand with a penchant for Canaletta Walnut furniture. Deeply warming, it’s pictured here on the Kirk Sofa, adding gravitas and style to this otherwise neutral living room.

Indigo Blue at Foscarini

Foscarini’s Be Colour! Capsule Collection reimagines some of their most iconic lights with retro colour combos. Among them, is a delightful blue option that fades from deepest indigo blue to glossy teal.  When questioned, designer Ferruccio Laviani described it as a necessary rebellion, designed to unlock new interpretations of these beloved designs.

Indigo Blue at Gubi

At Gubi, indigo blue is subdued and elegant, a seductive shade for lovers Danish design. In the image above, the Beetle Chair appears extra sculpted, made all the more-chic by this seductive palette. It’s a hue that can be easily injected into monochrome schemes for anyone looking to add contrast or depth.

Indigo Blue at Edra

Indigo blue returns to its opulent roots at Edra. Stunning velvet sofas such as the Essential and Absolu become islands of tranquillity, emboldened in style by this regal tone. For the full glamorous look, pair with brass accents or accessories. Gallotti & Radice‘s Haumea or Twelve low tables would be excellent partners here.

Indigo Blue at B&B Italia

Bright and beautiful indigo is the life of the party in these two Italian homes. In the first lounge, it acts as a stunning accent hue while outdoors it is complemented by the use of natural wicker and cane. Endlessly versatile, it’s a delightful hue that will transition well no matter the season.

Indigo at Blue at Ligne Roset

Pictured here on the elegant Ploum Sofa, indigo blue makes for a stylish companion for Ligne Roset‘s luxury French designs. Note how in this home it also works well with warmer, earthier hues — a visual stabilizer of sorts for the pink and terracotta accents.

Indigo at Blue at Cattelan Italia

Indigo blue provides a moody undercurrent to the atmospheric dining room above. Framed by a mysterious mural, the Tiffany Cabinets are resplendent in indigo quilted leather, with the Gordon glass Dining Table providing an icy counterpoint.

Indigo Blue at Fritz Hansen

At Fritz Hansen, indigo blue provides a welcome shot of colour to their crisp Scandinavian palette. Deep and dignified, it looks gorgeous in Northern-facing rooms, it’s rich and inky undertones unaffected by the cool light. Whereas Italian designs tend to opt for warmer brass details, the Swan and Egg chair reveal satin-polished steel as another interior play for those in search of a sleek, more minimal aesthetic.

Indigo Blue at Zanotta

Last but not least is this serene indigo bedroom from Zanotta. We’re not sure whether it’s because of the association with inky night skies, but there’s something deeply relaxing about the use of indigo blue throughout. As with Edra, brass accents provide a luminous boost, shining like twinkly stars in the night.

Will you be inviting indigo blue into your interior this season? We’d love to hear from you on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.  Alternatively, you can pop down to our 25,000 sq ft luxury living showroom to see how the team there are incorporating this of-the-moment shade into our studios. 


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