Campana Brothers add the WOW factor to the NEW Hotel in Athens

The Campana Brothers add their signature style to the new Yes!hotel in Athens, called New Hotel.

Walking through its rooms it’s impossible not to see the collaboration that for more than ten years ties the two Brazilian designers and the Tuscany furniture company Edra. There are the Leatherworks Armchairs, the Campana Pendant Light and the Miraggio Mirrors; the walls, the columns and the bar desk are covered with the pieces of hotel old furniture, with the same method used to make the Favela Armchairs.

The owner of the hotel, Dakis Joannou, has already demonstrated his appreciation of the products born from this long-lasting collaboration by using them to furnish his very own yacht, called Guilty. These include both the Boa Sofa and the Brasilia tables, both designed by Fernando and Humberto Campana for Edra.

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