Chaplins Interior Trend Forecast 2020

Chaplins Interior Trend Forecast 2020

It’s fair to say that the 2010s was a revolutionary decade. And while we haven’t decided what to call it yet, themes of connection, tech, and rebellion were rife. Throughout it all, interior design revealed its uncanny ability to reflect the needs of our time, offsetting some of the more toxic aspects of digital life through movements such as Hygge and Lagom.


As we enter into a new decade, the home takes on importance like never before. With the rise of the sharing economy, we find ourselves part of an “INDOOR GENERATION”, that swaps restaurants for takeout, extravagant club nights for intimate social gatherings.


It’s with this in mind that we’ve compiled our Interior Trend Forecast 2020 — a selection of 5 key ideas that will establish your home as a place of refuge, connection and relaxation. We hope you enjoy it and look forward to the next 10 years writing interior stories together…

Understated Luxe

Understated luxe encapsulates the subtlety and nuance that was so absent from 2019’s political debate. A response to the growing need for authenticity in all things, it rejects showy displays of affluence in favour of more discrete, textural materials.

It’s a trend that can be easily observed in Gubi’s new Epic collection. A mixture of coffee and dining tables, each is hewn from Italian Travertine, a tactile stone usually reserved for luxurious countertops. Its complex veining and gentle lustre are somewhat earthier and more rugged than traditional marble, inviting a new sense of honesty into luxury furnishings.

While the desire for authenticity and pared-back luxe naturally lends itself to Scandi styles, we expect to see brands from across the globe shrugging on this laidback aesthetic. Both GAN’s new Ply Collection and Porada’s Quadrifoglio revel in simplicity, revealing expert craftsmanship as the ultimate luxury.

Ply Rug

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Nimbus Mirror

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Sustainable Spotlight

We couldn’t possibly publish a trend report without mentioning sustainability, and the impact growing concerns around climate change is having on the way we live, work and play. While made-to-order luxury design inherently avoids much of the waste associated with fashion, it also presents designers with a wonderful new opportunity to rethink everything — from the materials we use to what happens to them afterwards.

Some of the most exciting developments in this field include the new N02 Recycled Collection by Fritz Hansen and the innovative upcycling processes taking place at GAN, Brokis and B&B Italia.

The former reveals a selection of stylish dining and office chairs crafted from fully recycled coloured polypropylene – a new material exclusive to the Danish design house. The brainchild of Japanese design studio, Nendo, it’s crafted entirely from household plastic waste and used to create the chair’s distinctive shell. Lightweight yet beautiful, at the end of its life it too can be recycled and transformed into something else.

Elsewhere, designers such as Patricia Urquiola are going extra lengths to invent upcycling processes that ensure companies are well on their way to zero waste. Her new Nuances Rug collection for GAN recycles discarded fabric into sustainable felt, the disparate finishes creating a texture that looks hard and flinty but is soft to the touch.

2020 also heralds the launch of Brokis‘ new BrokisGlass campaign which recycles glass offcuts into an ethereal new finish that promises to breath new life into old classics. It will also be available for bespoke use throughout projects which require stellar eco-credentials.

Night Birds Pendant Light

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Under The Bell Pendant Light

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Moody Monochrome

Modern monochrome is 90s grunge made chic. Moody and masculine, it features your classic black, white and grey tones while allowing for the inclusion of some of the soft lavenders, greens and browns we talked about last year.

It’s reemergence was flagged by Queen of all-things-colour, Michelle O’Gundehin, and goes hand-in-hand with the kind of sleek Italian styling in Arketipo’s 2020 collection. Taken together, it represents a fresh look at a chromatic classic, inviting us to reinvent old ideas with contemporary verve.

Diesis Coffee Table

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Cocooning Styles

We touched on it briefly in our Cosy Design blog, but the prevalence of streaming services means that cocooning, comfy styles are here to stay. In 2020, expect to see high-backed styles and oversized everything, as design lovers look for new ways to connect while maximising comfort.

No mere living-room trend, cocooning styles can increasingly be found in other areas of the house, with Molteni&C’s Twelve AM Bed and Edra’s Blu Velvet Chairs holding court in the bedroom and dining room respectively.

Fri Lounge Chair

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Only You Sofa

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Barely There Lighting

Simplicity can also be found in this year’s crop of contemporary lighting. A mix of lightweight, barely-there designs, the overriding concern seems to be the interaction with light itself, with designers opting for transparent shades and cables that create a floating, invisible effect.

Ethereal and elegant, they are made possible by leaps forward in LED technology which allows designers to fit increasingly complex fittings into ever-more daring designs. Highlights include FlosNoctambule Collection and the re-issued Bulbo 57 Pendant by Achille Castiglioni.

Bulbo 57 Pendant Light

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AJ Floor Lamp (new colourway)

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Will you be inviting any of these trends into your home in 2020? Let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also now shop many of these trends with up to 15% off in the Chaplins Winter Promotion.



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