Evolution of Contemporary Comfort

Evolution of Contemporary Comfort

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Looking for a contemporary beauty to sweep you off your feet? A design which offers unconditional support whilst integrating exquisitely into your interiors? Are you fixated by ageless attraction or drawn to a novel splendour? Either way, we’ve got you covered!

So what could be better than indulging in your dream design? How about a free Vitra gift worth up to £400 when you purchase any Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman, Grand Repos or Repos Lounge Chair & Ottoman! If that isn’t enough to tempt you maybe this will.

So what will it be? A design icon or a future classic?

The Design Icon
Eames Lounge Chair by Charles & Ray Eames

Vitra Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman - Grey

Eames Chair History

‘Why don’t we make an updated version of the old English club chair?’ Designed in 1956 the Eames lounge chair was birthed after creative duo Charles and Ray Eames began a several year process to produce the next iconic design. Playing homage to traditional craftsmanship, the aim was to create a piece that combined ultimate comfort with the highest level of quality and materials.

The pioneering lounge chair set new standards for design, offering a lighter, more elegant plywood frame to its user. It was this that led the re-imagined club chair to thrive within the world of interiors, crediting it as the iconic piece we pine after today.

Eames Lounge Chair - Detail

Vitra Lounge Chair Lifestyle

Hot Spot

Since the success of its launch over 60 years ago, the Eames lounge chair has been celebrated across the globe, integrating into immeasurable residential and commercial environments – Including homes, hotels and public places.

The iconic piece has also been heavily featured within the media. The popular lounge chair is a go-to design for industry professionals, meaning it’s frequently seen across multimedia platforms, including our television screens.

Citizen M Hotel

Evolution of Eames

Since attaining credibility as a design icon, the age-defying lounge chair has undergone some subtle alterations to rejuvenate its appeal. Adapting to modern day demands the chair is now available in two dimensions, catering to the needs of its ever-evolving users. The designs appearance has also been enhanced with improved leather options and wooden shell bases.

So what makes the Eames chair so special? In correlation to the latter, the Eames is and continues to be one of the most sought after pieces in contemporary design. Its sophisticated structure compliments its exceptional comfort allowing it to own the environment it situates. In a decade that repeatedly draws inspiration from the past, we find ourselves revisiting a classic to feel the essence of true quality craftsmanship. The Eames impressive test of time showcases the opulence and allure the chair has to offer, and we like many, can’t help but want to be immersed within it – forever!

Eames Lounge Chair - Sizes

A New Take on Tradition
Grand Repos & Repos Lounge by Antonio Citterio

Vitra Grand Repos Lounge Chair - Lifestyle

A New Form of Comfort

With a sector dominated by ageless classics, the design scene saw Vitra and Antonio Citterio challenge the existing demands and offer us fresh furniture to play with. While we hold iconic designs close to our hearts, we can’t help but crave the taste of an innovative structure wrapped in the latest luxurious finishes.

Though Citterio’s Repos Lounge chairs channel traditional design, the pioneering seating systems offer modern shapes and new levels of comfort to their users. Generous padding, high backrests, and inviting armrests enable individuals to embark on the ultimate relaxation, bringing a new form of comfort to the 21st century.

Vitra Grand Repos Lounge Chair and Ottoman - Fabric

A Future Icon

Poised as a future icon, the elegant swivel based lounge chairs have already achieved mass attention from design enthusiasts. Also frequently placed within some of the globes most exquisite locations, these stylish designs may not hold the same authenticity as the likes of the Eames lounge chair, but without doubt embody every quality necessary to do so within the future.

Vitra Grand Repos Lounge chair & Ottoman - Yellow Fabric

Vitra Grand Repos Lounge Chair - Green Velvet

Designed to be Different

One of the key components which differentiates these chairs and emphases the importance of design revolution is their strategically angled reclining backrest. Able to be adjusted to compliment the user’s weight, this clever mechanical system allows exceptional comfort and spinal support to an individual.

So why do we love the Repos designs? Besides their evident visual appeal, the Repos designs herald in a new age of strategically structured comfort. Their hugging structure gives the illusion of security allowing you to immerse yourself in a secure state of tranquillity. Their modern appeal adapts to new age homes, whilst still having the ability to integrate into classic residential and commercial environments.

Grand Repos Lounge Chair & Ottoman



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