Exclusive UK Launch of Fiam Italia’s A/W’17 Collection

Exclusive UK Launch of Fiam Italia’s A/W’17 Collection

Through the Looking Glass

If glass was given life, how would it express itself? Would it remain cold and frigid, doomed to reflect rather than feel? Such was the design challenge that led Fiam Italia to surprise and delight audiences at this year’s Salone del Mobile Milano. Their 2017 collection is emotional, unified by a desire to imbue a traditionally hard surface with both softness and soul. Chaplins are excited to launch to the UK market for the very first time an A/W’17 collection so hypnotic, it won’t be enough to look once.

Fiam Lollipop Mirror with Closeup

The Enchanted Mirror

Liberated from its usual position on the dressing table, the traditional hand mirror finds new sinuosity and stature as a 2m tall wall mirror. The latest star in Marcel Wanders’ Zodiac of design, Lollipop forms part of Fiam’s ‘Pop’ Collection. Its mellifluous edges are the result of years of experimentation with industrial glass processes, honing and treating the mirrored surface until they became soft and flowing like water. Whimsical yet somehow familiar, Lollipop offers a modern day fairy tale for the contemporary home.

Close up Fiam Blue Magma Dining Table

Hot Like Lava

The Magma Dining Table is equally arousing. Patrick Jouin conjures up a play of opposites with his intricate adventures into tactile surfaces. Thanks to a process of fusion at extremely high temperatures, the glass table top is inculcated with mesmerising graphic effects reminiscent of flowing magma.

Fiam Magma Amber Dining Table

No two tables are the same, and the Magma excels in making virtues out of imperfections. The top is available in three shades of coloured glass, smoked grey, amber and blue, each emitting an earthly luxuriance and warmth previously deemed impossible for a glass table.

Macrame Coffee Table by Fiam

The Devil Is In The Details

Imperative to the collection is a sense of energy that refuses to dissipate once the piece has left production. Traditional techniques are revived and made new by 21st century technology. The Macramè Coffee Table by Lucidi & Pevere gloriously interprets the technique of its namesake – the art of knotting string to make decorative patterns – in a wonderful feat of spun glass engineering.

Lands Coffee Table by Fiam 2017

Down To Earth

Edged in precious copper, the Lands Tables seek to embody the random abundance of the natural world where gems can be found at every corner. Inspired by an aerial view of the Earth where rich colours bleed together, Lands can be used alone as a statement piece or grouped together to create small stylish islands. Available in a diverse array of shapes, glass and gorgeous stoneware finishes on the Chaplins online store, Lands demonstrates the expressive ability of Italian glass craftsmanship.

Inori Bookcase

Bronzed and Beautiful

Taken together, the breathtaking collection possesses a whimsical narrative long absent from the world of luxury glass furniture. At once, warm, evocative, and wonderfully light, Fiam Italia posits a new future in which glass bridges the gap between sleek contemporary style and soulful resonant interiors.

Fiam Epsylon Dining Table and Fiam Pop Mirror

As parts of the globe turn towards protectionism, Chaplins will continue to look outwards, launching for the UK market the most avant-garde design houses in the world. Discover a world of design with the Chaplins Online Store, the number one home of luxury furniture or contact pr@chaplins.co.uk for more information.


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