Get To Work On Your Home Office With Our 2020 Style Guide

Get To Work On Your Home Office With Our 2020 Style Guide

It’s no secret that the world of work is changing. With the rise of co-working and freelancing, it’s now possible to get down to business in just about any location.


And yet if we’ve learnt anything from the sterile interiors of the early 90s, it’s that environment matters. Recent studies suggest that a well-designed space can lead to significant boosts in productivity and cognitive function — quantitative evidence of the “feel-good” factor of great design.


With 50% of the UK now working remotely at least once a week, creating a functional home office has become an essential task if we wish to maintain boundaries between work and play.


Here at Chaplins, we’ve been giving it some thought and have come up with our Home Office Style Guide to help you get it right first time.

Plan Like An Executive

When designing your home office, it’s good to take some time to visualise how everything will work together. Don’t forget to incorporate some sort of breakout zone — a space in which to think or read when you’re not obliged to be sat behind a keyboard.

In smaller offices, this could be as simple as a generous pouf. In larger homes, a small sofa, armchair or (if you’re feeling particularly psychoanalytic) chaise lounge. Incorporating these elements ensures your office is a space you’ll actually enjoy spending time in, while accomodating for both active and passive work.

Bat Lounge Chair

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Utrecht Armchair

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Are You Sitting Comfortably?

While the majority of offices are characterised by orthopaedic-looking chairs, designers have a long history of producing statement styles.

Some of the best date back to the mid-century, including iconic collections such as the Eames Aluminium Range and Knoll’s Executive Saarinen collection. Both offer top-notch ergonomics and a timeless design language to boot.

Sustainable design lovers might also want to consider Vitra’s N02 Recycled Office Chair — crafted entirely from circular polypropylene and recycled aluminium. Lightweight and compact, it’s a great choice for those who are short on space.

If it’s unforgettable pizazz you’re after, look no further than the De Sede Skeleton or Condean by Fragg.

DS-2100 Skeleton Office Chair

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Husk Swivel Chair

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No More Boring Desk Jobs

A great desk is the backbone of any contemporary home office. And whether small or stately, there are a variety of exciting options.

For homes in which every square inch counts, look for compact desks with clean lines, hidden storage and handy charging points. In order to maximise the available floor space, opt for a chair with a lithe base like Gubi’s Beetle Swivel.

If space isn’t an issue, you can experiment with bold sweeping desks such as Zanotta’s Cavour or Cattelan Italia’s Wall Street — each offering a real interior power play.

Where you position your desk is equally important. If your home office benefits from lots of direct sunlight, be sure to orient your desk so that any screens aren’t out of action for portions of the day.

Experimenting with layout can also effect how you experience your space. Try to avoid being cramped up against walls where possible. One option is to float your desk in the centre of the room, creating a focal point that will compel you sit down and get things done.

Recipio ’14 Desk

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Clarion Desk

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Make Light Work of Your Daily Tasks

Modern task lighting really comes into its own in the gloomy winter months. As well as allowing you to work into the evening, it’ll help create a snug and inviting atmosphere – the perfect place to ponder all those poor souls on their morning commute.

If your work involves sketching, drawing or examining projects, you’ll want to opt for a versatile lamp that allows you to shape and direct the light. Artemide’s Tolomeo and Flos’ Kelvin collections are particularly revered in this regard.

For laptop-based work, any lamp that provides a soft gush of down-ward illumination will do the trick.

If you don’t quite have room for a table lamp on your desk, considering experimenting with some strategically hung pendant lights. We love Louis Poulsen’s PH and Doo-Wop collections for office spaces.

Clover Table Lamp

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PH5 Pendant Lamp

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Master The Art of Storage

Clutter can come in many forms. But whether’s an overflowing inbox or a mass grave of admin, the effect is equally draining. Finding the right storage will help you keep your home office organised and a joyous place to work.

Before diving in, it’s wise to think about how accessible the documents that need storing will need to be. If they are items that you refer to constantly, then some linear shelving might be preferable to under-desk units or sideboards.

One of the most flexible options available is USM’s iconic Haller system. Modular in nature, it can be added to or subtracted from in accordance to your needs, making it ideal for homes of all sizes.

Haller System

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Air Wheel

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Don’t Neglect Biophilic Design

From forest bathing to outdoor wellness retreats, access to nature has been proven to have a profound impact on our humour and mood. Indeed, a recent Human Spaces Global Report found that workers in environments with natural design elements reported a 15% increase in creativity and a 6% higher level of productivity.

Enter biophilic design. Simply put, it seeks to incorporate nature into the built environment, either through architectural devices or simple interior changes.

Ideally, we’d all be able to position our desks so that they’re looking out onto a lush garden, allowing the calming allure of nature to be part of our daily routine. While this isn’t always possible, there are other ways to bring the outdoors in.

The Albero Plant Stand by Zanotta offers a practical solution for plant hanging that doesn’t involve drilling holes in the wall.

We can also incorporate textures and surfaces that remind us of the natural world. Paola Lenti’s iridescent colour palettes are great at capturing the outdoor’s full chromatic spectrum, and can be used to add comfort and life to contemporary home offices.

Ginger Ale Chair

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Albero Plant Stand

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Need some additional help planning your contemporary home office? Be sure to make an appointment with our friendly design team and take advantage of our Interior Design Service at Chaplins. 


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