Get Your Nature Fix: Modern Outdoor Furniture News

Get Your Nature Fix: Modern Outdoor Furniture News

Indoor & Outdoor – Everything is Possible: Modern Outdoor Furniture Trends 2017

For centuries, artists and philosophers have extolled the creative influence of the outdoors. Some of Arne Jacobson’s most iconic furniture designs, The Egg and The Swan, were deeply informed by the abundant curves of the natural world and Monet’s breath-taking gardens nurtured the movement we now know as Impressionism. Florence Williams has explored this correlation in her latest book, The Nature Fix, and has drawn a compelling parallel between outdoor living and its incredible effects on the brain.

So what an earth is going on? According to Williams, British people spend on average just 5% of their time outside, despite the fact that there is a growing body of evidence to suggest that both physical and mental health improves drastically with greater exposure to the natural world. A desire to reconnect with nature but an aversion to it’s aggravations has spurred designers to evolve better alternatives to the hardy wicker and bulky pieces that have characterised outdoor furniture thus far. Gone are the days of uniform rattan, the latest wave of innovation witnesses luxury designers like Patricia Urquiola and Antonio Citterio creating gorgeous, weather hardy versions of their bestselling indoor pieces. The Husk Outdoor Armchair is one such scintillating tale. Harnessing the latest in impermeable fabric technology, this plush design is crafted to gracefully withstand extreme outdoor weather conditions while gifting all the style and comfort of its indoor counterpart. What’s more, these new seating options are available in an array of finishes and fabrics, from monochrome classics to acid green or sunset orange.

The Grand Papilio Outdoor Armchair has received a similar makeover. As fluid and sinuous as the original, B&B Italia have redesigned this iconic classic to make it not only weather resistant, but lighter and ideal for use at any summer garden party.

Modern Outdoor Furniture Trends - Dedon Dala Collection

This is much more than just a trend; it represents an erosion of the boundary between the outdoors and the indoor, and the entrance into an era of boundless design.

This understanding has been intrinsic to the success of luxury Scandinavian lifestyle brands like Roshült. Their leading ideals of sophisticated living for both indoors and outdoors often consider the influence of nature on our cognitive and aesthetic development. Take Matt Olsson’s revolutionary Booster Grill. A sizzling duo of Swedish innovation and breath-taking design, this revolutionary barbeque heats up fully in just 6 minutes. It also produces just one third of the emissions of a normal barbeque and is sleekly enclosed in a stylish aluminium exterior that encourages users to get outside for evenings of good food and outdoor entertainment.

And there’s absolutely no obligation to stop when the sun goes down. Ramon Estevé’s statement Faz Outdoor Floor Lamp architects a glorious lighting option perhaps even more dramatic than that of an ebbing sun. From the ethereal Muse Outdoor Lantern to Pablo’s UMA Bluetooth Sound Lantern, the boom in innovative design means there is no need to choose between the comforts of inside and the wonders of the outdoors.

Modern Outdoor Furniture Trends - Pablo UMA Bluetooth Lamp

The design world remains one of the only industries carefully attuned to human factors. In fact, intelligent design depends on them, and great interiors and exteriors are first and foremost about creating beautiful solutions to everyday needs. As our lifestyles become ever more claustrophobic it’s imperative to look to the outdoors for a tranquil reminder of the order of things. Whether it’s the Dala Outdoor Loveseat or the Canasta Outdoor Chaise Lounge, the staggering developments in outdoor furniture design can help you do just that.

Pantone were among the first to identify the pressing desire to bring the outdoors back in, labelling “greenery” as their Colour of the Year for 2017. And while there have been many gorgeous revivals of earthly luxuriance for the indoors, we believe there can be no substitute for the real thing.

The launch of Chaplins’ brand new Outdoor Living Studio in Hatch End puts all of these gorgeous European designer brands under one roof. Why not head on over this spring to get inspired and start cultivating your Eden.

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