Herbaceous Designs To Love Now, Tomorrow & Always

Herbaceous Designs To Love Now, Tomorrow & Always

Eternal summer. Now wouldn’t that be glorious. Fortunately, with these 10 herbaceous styles, a home that feels fresh and invigorating is never far away. So go ahead. Dive into our list of glorious, green designs. Each inspired by and in homage to the world around us.

White Daisy Dreams Rug

Is there a flower alive so delicate or ditzy as the daisy? Brianda Fitz James Stuart doesn’t seem to think so. The mastermind behind the new Gucci logo, this season she’s turned her gaze to interiors, writing softness into our homes with a series of rich tapestries for GAN. Available in two distinct prints, the Dreams rugs provide a generous canvas for her floral embroidery, uniting her love of nature into a striking bit of underfoot couture.

White Daisy Dreams | Discover

Heracleum II Pendant Light

It’s often said that Mother Nature is the greatest artist of all. In the Heracleum series, designers Bertjan Pot and Marcel Wanders attempt to unravel a couple of her secrets. After years of experimentation, they came up with Electrosandwich, an innovative system that allows light to flood each of the blossoms without the need for unsightly wires. Elegant and ethereal, it promises to become the crowning jewel of any space — even when it’s switched off.

Heracleum II Chandelier | Discover

Livre Armchair

Pure freedom while sitting, what would it look like? We like to think it would resemble something close to the Livre Armchair. All sculpted cushions and chunky frame, it invites the user to define their own definition of comfort. The svelte cushions gain even more intrigue when upholstered in Gallotti & Radice’s Eden fabric — a lush, tropical upholstery inspired by the techniques used to create ancient tapestries.

Gallotti & Radice | Discover Gallotti & Radice

Livre Armchair | Discover

Lavander Sideboard

In the wild, Lavender is one of the first heralds of summer, coming into bloom in early spring and lingering well into the autumn. Inspired by its intricate purple buds, the gurus at Cattelan Italia have brought forth an embossed sideboard, whose rippling doors add texture and glamour to contemporary dining rooms. In the Tuscan home below, the brushed bronze doors cast a beautiful reflection on the porcelain floor, a  tantalising and unexpected mirage.

Cattelan Italia | Discover Cattelan Italia

Lavander Sideboard | Discover

Bloom Pendant Light

Beautiful blooms were also on the mind of Ferruccio Laviani when asked to collaborate with Kartell on a new lighting solution. The lamp they arrived at sees hundreds of mesmerising polycarbonate flowers, intricately coordinated into a bouquet of light. Striking as a stand-alone or in stylish clusters, Bloom works beautifully above dining tables. Or in any space in need of luminosity.

Bloom | Discover

Sunflower Clock

The sun always shines in this beautiful mid-century accessory by George Nelson. Known as the Sunflower Clock, it was first debuted in 1950, and has since helped keep time with the lightest of touches. Intricate yet functional, it’s perfect for use in home offices or any other space where loosing track of time occurs. 

Sunflower Clock | Discover

Satellite Wall Light

The Satellite Collection says goodbye to shrinking wallflowers. And hello to a new era of architectural lighting. A lost-and-found design from the archives of Mathieu Mategot, it has been brought back to light and life by the creative minds at Danish design house, Gubi. It’s two precisely balanced arms cross and overlap so that the shades evoke balloons pulling away from one another on diagonal strings – a moment in time, frozen and captured. Beautiful on blank walls, or as a delicate ceiling light, it represents a free-spirited lighting solution for lovers of statement design.

Satellite Wall Light | Discover

Dine Out Armchair

As any good sun-seeker knows, the best meals are enjoyed alfresco. Dine Out represents Cassina’s first venture into the Great Outdoors, a compact, classic armchair that invites that elegant detailing and impeccable comfort into the garden. For a truly authentic oasis, we recommend upholstering the chair in Cassina’s weather-hardy Favignana fabric.

Dine Out Armchair | Discover

Albero Plant Stand

Lushness in our homes is a must. Clutter and mould? Not so much. Albero represents Italian master, Achille Castiglioni’s solution to the thorny issue of incorporating house plants into interior spaces. With space for up to seven vases, and a structure in four classic hues, it is an elegant tree of life, perfect for millennial plant parents. Or homes in which young children and pets run wild.

Albero Flower Stand | Discover

Getsuen Armchair

Getsuen mounts a challenge to the idea of the sofa as the cosiest piece of lounge furniture. After all what is an armchair if not a throne for living? Its plump petals wrap around the body, speaking to our need to be pampered, embraced and accommodated for hours on end. Hidden inside is a steel skeleton, crafted with the help of renowned bridge engineers, to ensure a stable and sumptuous seating experience.

Getsuen Armchair | Discover

How do you plan on inviting lushness into your interior this season? Let us know on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter. And shop our favourite herbaceous styles below.

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