I love Cube by interlübke

If someone were to ask you what kind of life you lead, what would your answer be? Is your life noisy, exciting and colourful? Is it quiet, low-key and calm? Or is it a mix of both? Perhaps your life is all together different. But the fact is that it’s you who makes the decisions. And this is just the way the cube cabinet system works: you decide what it looks like. It’s you who decides how many elements it’s made up of. It’s you who decides what purpose it should meet. Well then, what kind of life do you lead?

If you like dining, holding meetings or discussions with guests, you’ll need a table. If you like doing this on a larger scale, you’ll need the cube table. People can sit around it on all sides, as it has feet elements instead of side panels. And whoever sits next to you will be discussing any subject bar one: where on earth shall I put my feet?

cube inserts aren’t just for storing cigars, but also for chronometers and other precious items, charging mobiles, iPods or Blackberrys, keeping dinner hot on the heating plate and providing a crackling atmosphere with a table-top fireplace. Nor do they obstruct the functionality or the storage capacity of the drawer underneath (with the exception of the humidor, which by its nature takes up a certain amount of space).

It’s difficult to measure the pleasure you get from a piece of interlübke furniture. But you can measure the size we ultimately manufacture it for you. And then in peace and quiet think about where and how cube will fit in your home or office. We hope you have lots of fun doing so.

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