Lean Back and Relax: 10 of The Best Chaise Lounges

Lean Back and Relax: 10 of The Best Chaise Lounges

There’s something wonderfully indulgent about a modern chaise lounge. Whereas most furnishings are designed to bring people together, the chaise is a deeply independent affair. However, what it lacks in conviviality it makes up for in comfort, establishing a deeply personal perch on which to unwind. In today’s blog, we reveal 10 of the best, now available with up to 15% off in the Chaplins Winter Sale.

LC4 All Black Chaise Lounge by Cassina

The LC4 is the archetypal chaise lounge. Very much a product of the Bauhaus movement, it champions an inside-out approach in which the chair is designed around the body of the user. This year, it returns with debonaire ALL-BLACK upholstery, a sleek monochrome masterpiece for mid-century collectors.

GMG Chaise Lounge by Gubi

The GMG Chaise Lounge is an exercise in lightness. First designed by Greta Grossman in 1951, it features a streamlined silhouette and slender legs that capture the optimism and fluidity of 1950s America. Lightweight and modern, it makes for a timeless addition to any interior.

Terminal 1 Chaise Lounge by B&B Italia

Terminal 1 rejects all superfluous forms of decoration, opting for sleek lines and truthful materials. Its commanding silhouette is smooth and masculine — an ideal nook for reading or watching TV.

MR Bauhaus Edition Chaise Lounge by Knoll

The MR Collection represented Marcel Breuer’s first foray into tubular steel design. It also marked the dawn of an iconic mid-century aesthetic, as contemporary today as it was back then. To celebrate its 100th anniversary, Knoll has commissioned a special Bauhaus edition of the MR Adjustable Chaise Lounge, now available in a variety of premium leathers.

Apollo Chaise Lounge by Maxalto

Curvilinear lines and an avalanche of cushions define Maxalto’s latest chaise lounge. The sinuous silhouette allows for greater depth at either end, while creating an immediately inviting sensation. Nicknamed after the Greek God of medicine, Apollo looks to be every bit as soothing and restorative as its namesake.

Pipe Chaise Lounge by Moroso

Pipe rebels against the status quo, serving up oversized proportions and funky upholstery. An inherently playful design, it reveals Sebastian Herkner’s generous styling, with the asymmetric backrest an unexpected quirk.

Atoll Chaise Lounge by B&B Italia

A comfortable hangout for one, Atoll adds old-worldly glamour to contemporary living rooms. The sense of formality comes from the stylish bolster cushions, which are attached to the chaise by leather straps.

Clayton Chaise Lounge by Poltrona Frau

All sumptuous stitching and Italian leather, Clayton is devilishly detailed. Taking inspiration from the world of haute-couture it is rich in sensory emotions, inviting a caring caress from all who pass.

Febo Chaise Lounge by Maxalto

Stately and sophisticated, Febo is an iconic lounger from Antonio Citterio. Its traditional design language is soothing and soft, evoking images of 5th Avenue Penthouses in New York City.

La Chaise by Vitra

La Chaise was designed in 1948 for a competition at the MoMA. Taking inspiration from Gaston Lachaise’s Floating Figure sculpture, Charles & Ray Eames worked to create voluptuous curves that would act as a stylish cradle, hugging the contours of the body. A true triumph of contemporary design, it is revered today for its lightweight, casual look.


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