Ligne Roset Summer Sofa Promotion

Ligne Roset Summer Sofa Promotion

Who would have thought a small town situated outside the gorgeous French city of Lyon would be home to an opulent interior cove? It’s here in this small yet productive town that generations of skilled makers have dedicated their lives to bringing us high-quality designs since 1860. In an environment that recognises the importance of design sustainability, the Ligne Rose team make commendable use of remoulded foam and energy sourced from excess wood.

Renowned for their contemporary silhouettes and invigorating colour pallets, their unique creations have educated us on new forms of style and showed us the beauty in design innovation. Their keen interest in consumer demand has enabled them to thrive within the sector and dominate the world of modern design. So what more does Ligne Roset have to offer? Well, as it happens from now until the 21st of July you can get 20% off the iconic Ploum sofa in fabric ‘ Appa’ and 20% off design ‘Uncover’ in fabric ‘Moby’. If that isn’t enough to tempt you maybe this will…

Ploum Sofa - Appa Fabric

The Pioneering Ploum

20% off Ploum in Appa Fabric

Designed by R. & E. Bouroulle, the Ploum was formed after the artistic duo underwent extensive research into comfort. Characterized by its unique abstract shape, the design offers an extremely high level of comfort whilst giving the body the chance to adopt a number of possible postures. Another vital factor to the Ploum’s snug appeal is its combination of two specific materials which allow the user to sink into its form exquisitely. Regularly featured in some of our favourite interior publications (including the likes of Elle Décor), the piece has established a widespread status as a design icon and is hugely sought after by interior enthusiasts worldwide.

Ligne Roset - IMM Cologne

Ploum Sofa - Appa

So what else makes the Ploum so alluring? Besides its novel structure and exceptional comfort, the popular piece is available in a generous selection of stunning woven hues — from soft pastels to gorgeous vivacious blues. Better still, each slip on a naked Ploum has undergone a strategic process to ensure the highest quality fabric is placed on the undressed design. Once this process is complete, the cover is manually created by a skilled seamstress for optimum excellence. What’s more, you can now choose from the brands latest fabric additions including Appa, which features intricately placed detailing and Moby for extra personalisation.

Ligne Roset Uncover Sofa - Moby Fabric

Uncover New Design Excellence

20% off Uncover in Moby Fabric

So maybe you adore the foam feel and comfort of the Ploum, but you’re not quite ready to indulge in an abstract interior. You love the concept but you’re looking for something a little more conventional. Fear not, Ligne Roset’s Uncover seating system embodies the same ultra comfortable foam technology and lightweight appeal as the Ploum in a slightly more conservative structure. Designed by Marie Christine Dorner, Uncover is the extension to her previous creation Cover 1, which aims to have its cover fit like a glove, or better yet a second skin. Marie, who is best known for creating furniture with elegance and longevity, designed Uncover with the intent of creating a piece which was compact, easy to use and move, and suitable for year-round cocooning.

Ligne Roset Uncover Sofa

Uncover Sofa

Again this contemporary design is available in a selection of tantalising tones to compliment your living space. The design is also offered in a choice of fabric styles including standard, quilted and embroidered. The quilted version is produced using an automated sewing robot which quilts 350 g/m² polyester with the chosen fabric, while the embroidered motif is methodically positioned for a truly harmonious result.

Want to see these delightful designs for yourself? You’re in luck! We have both seating solutions on display at our Hatch End showroom just waiting for you to witness their exceptional comfort and exquisite form. Join us in store this weekend to touch, feel and immerse yourself in a contemporary lounger of your choice.


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