Mandarin Oriental Barcelona by Patricia Urquiola

Patricia Urquiola took much inspiration from the characteristic’s of the former Catalan banks façade when putting together this stunning hotel interior.  She knew that she must come up with a visual story specific to Barcelona while hinting at the Oriental roots of the Mandarin Oriental brand. “I noticed all this light flooding into the building, and wanted to harness it to mirror the light that shines in this Mediterranean city,” comments Urquiola. “Then I thought of how a white glove represents elegance and service. Closing my eyes, I knew there had to be a continuity of design flowing through the spaces; one point of view. But I also wanted there to be a sense of memory here.”

B&B Italia Crinoline Chairs | B&B Italia Void Tables

B&B Italia Canasta Daybeds

B&B Italia Leather Tufty-Time Sofa | Moroso Volant Armchair | Moroso Shanghai Tip Coffee Table

Moroso Lakum Sofas

Flos Spun Floor Lamp | B&B Italia Lazy 05 Chair | Foscarini Caboche Small Suspension Light

B&B Italia Lazy Night Bed[ | De Padova Bèrgere-Légère Armchair | B&B Italia Canasta Chair

Moroso Bloomy Small Armchair

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