New Quality CONNECT Rug from Rugs Couture – Winner of the reddot design award



Short pile Connect range combines almost all yarns of the Carpet Sign collection: wool, linen, silk, cotton and viscose. It is a cut and a loop pile structure in one rug, connected by a beautiful silk stripe. The colour recipe of both structures is exactly the same but the two pieces look surprisingly different. The loop pile part has a slightly jaded, fine writing effect and an almost knitted character. The cut pile is irresistibly soft and characterises a magnificent ray.


Vintage Chic

The strength of Connect is the possibility to play with the different surfaces of the rug. The positioning of the silk stripe and the size of both designs can be individually tailored to the customer’s demands. Light absorption makes the loop pile look lighter and the cut pile a shade darker. The silk connecting stripe comes in 13 silk colours, creating a tone in tone or contrasting effect. Shown below are examples of how the different surfaces on a Connect rug can be divided.


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