Now on display at our Hatch End showroom. Sit down and relax on the amazingly comfortable Ploum Sofa by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec

“We attempted to make a very comfortable contemporary settee. Ploum is a vast shape on which the whole body rests on a soft, welcoming surface. Its seat is relatively low, it seems organic. Perhaps the use of a stretchy fabric is like a symbolic parallel to a contemporary lifestyle, in which flexibility of use and comfort seem to us to be essential. We pictured it like a ripe, voluptuous piece of fruit.”

Such was the intention of Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec, who wanted to give special consideration to those special moments during the day when we each want to relax and perhaps catch up with the other members of the household. It is therefore important that the greatest comfort afforded by the settee is the one which enables the body to relax in any position, from sitting to lying. The 4-seat settee also offers, in a very specific manner, a croissant-shape which tends to turn people towards each other around a common centre.

The Ploum sofas are the fruit of a great deal of research into comfort, leading to a specific combination of two materials, used jointly: a stretchy covering fabric and an ultra-flexible foam. The combination of these two materials, when associated with the real dimensional generosity of the Ploum settees, offers an extreme level of comfort whilst offering the body the chance to adopt a number of possible postures.

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