Own the Light: Find the Lighting Style to Suit You

Own the Light: Find the Lighting Style to Suit You

For many lighting gives the perfect opportunity to express versatility within their interiors. Light enables space, giving meaning to an insipid setting and highlighting its concealed potential. The power of light and the influence it has on our interiors is phenomenal and without it, a charismatic ambiance could not be achieved.  Here at Chaplins we understand preferences vary depending on peoples design taste buds. Though we can all appreciate exquisite design, our idea of greatness and perception of beauty often differs.  It’s because of this versatility that we have such an extensive selection of astounding designs available on the market today, particularly lighting!

So, whether you have an eye for outrageous design or care for something a little more subtle we have a lighting solution sure to suit you. From Slamps revolutionary pieces to Louis Poulsen’s generous selection of tantalising hues, our diverse range of lighting solutions appeal to all kinds of creative tastes. So the question is which are you?

The Minimalist

Your tastes are simple; you appreciate quality and adore elegance and simplicity. You shy away from abrasive tones and appreciate the maximum impact a minimal design has to offer.  You’re a minimalist, and nothing screams minimal chic more than sleek surfaces, effortless shapes and soft, neutral and clean tones.

The Eccentric

Drawn to loud prints and colours? In awe of innovative structures and obsessed with interiors that have been crafted to cause controversy? You have an eccentric taste and the design sector serves you well! Lucky for you there are many unique and quirky pieces available on the design scene to meet your desires to be different, many of which can be found at Chaplins.

The Practical

It’s inevitable that something should be well presented and refined. Elaborate exteriors and revolutionary technology disinterests you, but fierce functionality and practicality is highly important. Finding more than just a visually pleasing design is what you seek, and we are here to help.

The Glamorous

Just like a magpie you’re drawn to the sparkle of scintillating design. You appreciate alluring silhouettes, glistening accents and polished finishes. You have a glamorous taste and your standards for style are exceptionally high. You want a design that acts as a focal point of any setting, you want glitz, glamour and quality and we have it!

The Technology Geek

The thought of an innovative gadget gets your heart racing, like a kid in a candy shop you can spend hours fixated by a pioneering piece introduced with clever technology. You’re looking for your next device to parade proudly to your peers; you’re looking for style, innovation and excitement. You’re looking for one of our pioneering technology lighting solutions.

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