September Design Update: The Hottest Drops, Trends & Ideas

September Design Update: The Hottest Drops, Trends & Ideas

September is often regarded as the most bittersweet month on the calendar. The evenings draw in and the world around us becomes gold and beautiful as we say goodbye to summer. This year, however, things are a little bit different. With two major trade fairs on the horizon, the design world is gearing up rather slowing down, revealing a plethora of new styles and ideas.


The innovation is most welcome. As we head into the final stretch of a challenging year, creative inspiration on how to live better at home turns out to be just what the doctor ordered. Feel-good furnishings and calming hues abound, as designers pull out all the stops to create soothing, serendipitous spaces. Join us as we take a closer look.

The Collection

East meets West is a classic concept in contemporary design. In 2019, Italian design house Cassina returned to the city of Chandigarh, the utopian Indian capital created by Le Corbusier during the dawn of independence. Hidden within its brutalist halls were the iconic furnishings of Pierre Jeanneret, Corbusier’s cousin and partner on the project.

Civic Bench

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Kangaroo Lounge Chair

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Bold and enduring, their Z-shaped frame encapsulated the confidence and promise of the moment, fusing classic Viennese cane with the intricacies of local craftsmanship. New additions for 2020 include the low-slung Kangaroo Chair and the Civic Bench — each of which seeks to introduce laidback lines into contemporary living spaces.

The Finish

Warmth this autumn can be found in burnished brass detailing. Richer and more nostalgic than it’s chrome counterpart, it works well with luxurious finishes such as walnut and marble — a visual pick-me up of sorts. While this time of year often brings us around to deeper hues and hints of shine to replicate the transitions happening outdoors, this is a modern take that feels super sophisticated.

Infinity Dining Table (Brass)

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Kuga Slim Dining Chair

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The Mood

If we’ve learnt anything from 2020, it’s that how we feel within our homes matters just as much as how they look. It’s with this in mind that we find ourselves drawn to feel-good furnishings — playful decor that doesn’t take itself too seriously.  Trailblazing the way to this lighthearted future are designers like Jaime Hayon, whose witty styles deal in personality and charm. Whimsical design is also on the agenda at Moooi, who’s latest Hubble Bubble Pendant Light immortalizes the childish joy of blowing bubbles.

Newton Floor Lamp

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Hubble Bubble Pendant Light

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The Event


Knitting Sheepskin Chair

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From the 3rd to 5th of September, Nordic brands will be putting their best foot forward in Copenhagen at the hotly anticipated 3 Days of Design fair. The theme? Eco-conscious concepts. More specifically, how can local craftsmanship create the sustainable future we all deserve? We’ll be on the ground to report all of the ideas, trends and launches as they emerge. Newsletter subscribers should also keep an eye out for exclusive discount codes as we celebrate all that is hot and happening in Scandi design.

Betty Dining Chair

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Flaneur Corner Sofa

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The Palette

In our January Trend Report, we wrote about the return of monochrome, a trend that spoke to the need to rewrite ourselves at the dawn of a new decade. It’s an idea that’s been widely adopted at the major design houses, each of whom have noted the public shift away from frivolous expressions of style towards products and hues of a more enduring nature.

Freedom Lounge Chair

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Androgyne Side Table

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One evolution of this trend for the year ahead is the use of monochrome palettes enlivened by a single, vibrant accent hue such as Yves Klein blue or a mustard yellow. Timeless yet dramatic, it’s a palette that encourages us to see our homes as a holistic whole while inviting in only the designs and ideas that promise to stand the test of time.


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