Sleep Easy: 3 Tips For Transforming Your Bedroom Into A Serene Sanctuary

Sleep Easy: 3 Tips For Transforming Your Bedroom Into A Serene Sanctuary

Getting a serene night’s sleep should be easy. Too often, however, it’s a luxury that less and less of us enjoy, consumed as we are by work or gadgets that never leave our sides. In search of tranquility this season, we’ve put together a couple of tips — some aesthetic, some practical — to help you find peace in one of the one most important rooms of your home.

Make It Monochrome

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We make hundreds of decisions every single day: what clothes to wear, which news to consume, how best to tackle a task at work. Fortunately, agonising over what colour to paint your bedroom doesn’t have be one of them. Indeed, of late, we’ve found something immensely restful about going monochrome — selecting one hue and carrying it through your entire decor. 

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As with any space, the secret to keep it from feeling flat is texture. Look for French cane headboards. Beautiful wicker benches. And crushed velvet cushions. In short, any surface that will help your space sing. 

Sinuous, oversized shapes can also help denote a sense of joyfulness in the bedroom, too. Just check out the Prince Bed. Or Poltronova’s iconic Ultrafrago Mirror.

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Follow The Light

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Not all light is born equal. Indeed, much of our difficulty in drifting off in the first place comes from being overexposed to the harsh blue light of mobile phones and laptops.

Many unwitting decorators then repeat this mistake in the bedroom, opting for an overhead light that floods the room with Kelvins — with little thought given to accent or atmospheric lighting. 

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In reality, bedrooms are inviting spaces that benefit from warm, layered approach to illumination. This might look a beautiful set of wall scones angled to provide light for reading. Paired with a delicate overhead pendant and LED lighting in the wardrobes or around the mirrors. 

No matter which language of luminosity you cultivate, visual comfort is very important. So when shopping, try to look for luminaires with blown glass bulbs or clever shades that will diffuse the light in a soft gush.

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Gubi’s Multi-Lite is a great example of a lamp that glows for you rather on you. Available as a table or pendant light, its rotational shades allow you to shape your experience of light. Contardi’s Flexi-Led is another staple. Perfect for those who enjoy reading in bed before calling it a day. 

Clear Your Mind

Nowadays, clutter comes in many forms. But whether it’s an overflowing inbox, or clothes strewn about the bedroom, the effect is equally jarring. 

Creating storage solutions that meet the needs of your lifestyle is the first step to a more blissful experience of home. This could be as simple as a beautiful clothes stand, prepped and ready with your clothes for the following day. Or an all-singing-and-dancing fitted furniture solution, customised down to the last belt and buckle. 

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Whenever we’re working on a bespoke bedroom solution, we like to consider carving out a little productive nook, too. A place to jot down errant thoughts before bed. That doubles as a beautiful vanity station come morning. The idea being to elevate the routines we have around sleeping into beloved rituals. 

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If you could use a little help cultivating a serene boudoir, why not give our interior design service a try? Suitable for homes large or small, our design experts will help you find the right solutions for your space, while walking you through all the luxurious options we have in-store. Click here to make your appointment with a design expert. Or to make an appointment to see some of our beloved bedroom studios, up close.

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