SS21 Interior Trends: Mediterranean Musings

SS21 Interior Trends: Mediterranean Musings

A wise man once said that it’s foolish to covet what you cannot have. But in months like this where the sun seems to have forsaken us, there’s one siren-call that sounds particularly clear. A mellifluous tune, it sings of sun-baked shores and cocooning villas. Of craggy textures. And unspoilt coves. And while the sea-breeze of Santorini might feel a world away, it did get us thinking. Can the spirit of a place as rejuvenating as the Greek islands ever be brought home?

“The Mediterranean is freshness, tradition, sand and breeze. It is the flavour of things well done, from gastronomy to architecture, whether yesterday or today.”

— Laura Ros, Made Studio

Surfaces That Sing

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Husband and wife design duo GamFratesi once said that without materiality a home has no soul. The Mediterranean trend is therefore all about texture, serving up rugged shapes, rich finishes and surfaces that sing. One finish that exemplifies this tactile beauty is Travertine. Beloved by the architects of Ancient Greece, its veins are softer and less strident than some of its traditional marble counterparts. As such, it tends to confer a sense of truthfulness to contemporary interiors. Today, we’ve seen it used for the first time to create a selection of sculptural tables and lamps — each monolithic in form but monumental in style.

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A Game of Contrasts

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Life in the Mediterranean is an oxymoronic affair. A culture in which lightness of lifestyle is matched by a resplendent past. Translating this into our decor requires us to develop a keen appreciation for contrast. While hard furnishings should be roughly hewn and sculptural, rooms where relaxation is required must be deeply soft and tactile. A space of paper-cord dining chairs. Bouclé wools. And French cane headboards. Together, they’ll help strike that most elusive of interior qualities. The oft-touted notion of balance.

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Islands of Tranquility

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According to John Donne, no man is an island. We are, instead, all connected by our shared lives and experiences. This season, designers have turned the metaphor on its head, experimenting with silhouettes that resemble drifting archipelagos. In their generous depths and floating volumes, they find new opportunities for closeness. And a more authentic way of lounging. Our favourites so far include the Matic Sofa by Knoll and the On The Rocks series by Edra. Both of which abandon the idea of a traditional backrest, allowing the sitter to lounge, roll or relax in any way they please.

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Sculptural Matter

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Of course, it’s not all island hopping and laissez-faire living. Mediterranean-inspired homes must also be stimulating — capable of meeting life’s biggest moments with rigour and verve. The dining room is a natural starting point for such pondering. You might try inviting in drama with a beautiful pedestal table. Artfully balanced like houses on the hillsides of Paros. Or else, a stylish cantilever chair. Perfectly poised as part of a mini-architectural power play.

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Muted Moments

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With texture dialled all the way up, you can be more relaxed in your choice of colours. While the traditional Cycladic scheme revels in nautical hues, we recommend layering up on soft neutrals for a cool and cocooning space this season. Where colour is desired, let greenery do the talking, with lush houseplants and rattan pots.

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Warm and down-to-earth, the modern Mediterranean aesthetic promises a slice of summer all year long. So no matter what the weather has in-store, you can always find warmth and refuge indoors. Explore all the styles here. Or continue to trace this trend’s trajectory over on Pinterest.

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