Stay Home, Stay Safe: The Chaplins Home Isolation Guide

Stay Home, Stay Safe: The Chaplins Home Isolation Guide

And so it begins. A month of social distancing in which our homes take on significance like never before. And yet for all the talk of isolation, we can’t help but feel bolstered by the tremendous displays of solidarity taking place across the globe. From stay-at-home streamable music concerts to spontaneous balcony ballads, we’ve been surprised and delighted by the spirit of the human family at this moment.


And just as we’ve come to see simple pleasures in a new light, so too are we increasingly aware of our homes. For better or for worse, they are the only sanctuary we’ll know for the next weeks and we couldn’t be more grateful for them. To help you power through the Quarantine, we’ve put together a Home Survival Guide, with everything from entertaining ideas through to styling tips. We do hope you enjoy and are able to find something within it to make the next few weeks just that little bit more bearable…

A Calming Influence

Slowing down is never easy. However, it does provide us with a chance to stop and take stock of what’s important in life. If you’re feeling anxious about being cooped up, try using the additional time to indulge in some meditation. Investing in house plants will also help bring the outdoors back in while giving you some new plant life to take care of. If you’re in need of stylish planters, Moroso’s Jardin Suspendu baskets or Vondom’s Faz are a great place to start.


While many will be using this time to reflect and relax, it’s also a great chance to embrace new habits. This could be a hobby or an online course you’ve been meaning to get done or just getting organised on a more basic level. Simple storage solutions like designer coat hooks or shelves will help you take care of any clutter that’s currently clouding your home and headspace. We love Muuto’s Dot Hooks or Mogg’s Hubertus Hooks for quick storage solutions.

Aer Vase

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Drizzle Bookcase

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We recently posted a Style Guide in which we outlined our tips and tricks for creating a beautiful home office. However, it struck us than many city dwellers might need to improvise if they don’t have a dedicated room available.


Alongside screens and room dividers, try to look for versatile homeware that can be used for other functions. One of our favourite dining chairs from Vitra is Tip Ton, which can also double up as an office chair when needed. We tend to lean in to our computers when typing which can cause lower back pain in the long term. The Tip Ton Chair counteracts this with its rocking base allowing you to tip forward ever so slightly without compromising on posture.


Last but not least, we need to talk focus. With so much going on at home at the moment, it can be difficult to sit down and concentrate. If you’re someone who is constantly checking you’re phone to see what the time is, you’re setting yourself up for additional distraction. Consider stylish wall clocks instead. Not only will they enliven blank walls but they’ll help you stay on track.

Calamo Desk

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Hibernate In Style

For some, self-isolation will feel like a real chore. For introverts, it’ll feel like not much has changed. Either way, we thought we’d share some of our cosiest designs which will help transform your home into a seasonal spring cocoon. A mix of Scandi and Italian, they reveal contemporary design at it’s finest.

Fred JH97 Lounge Chair

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Sonia Rug

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All Fun And Games

There are only so many days of Netflix binging one can undertake before you realise you need to get up off the sofa and search for something more stimulating. Whether you have kids or are simply looking for new ways to keep yourself entertained, RS Barcelona‘s games tables are a must. A mix of foosball, pool and tennis tables, they promise hours of fun, with the latter transforming into an additional dining table when not in use.


For the creatively inclined, we recommend using the time to get to work on that gallery wall or home decorating project you’d always planned. If you’re planning on undertaking the former, don’t forget to include some contemporary mirrors, which will help your space feel larger.

Diagonal Pool Table

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5th Avenue Cabinet

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A Breath Of Fresh Air

If you’re lucky enough to have an outdoor space at home, now is the time to use it. Whether it’s a tiny terrace or generous balcony, you’ll find a range of outdoor styles to suit your space at Chaplins. If you’re looking for something less formal, consider an outdoor beanbag and pouffe from Gandia Blasco. For the best in fine Italian styling, it’s B&B Italia Outdoor. We also love Agapecasa’s Clizia Bench which provides the perfect perch on which to enjoy your morning coffee.

Clizia Bench

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S 33 N All Seasons Outdoor Chair

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If you need any help planning aspect of your space, why not give our interior design service a try? The consultation is free and can be arranged as an in-person appointment or video call. We’d also love to see if you end up trying out any of the ideas given above. Be sure to tag us on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. All that’s left is to wish you good health and happy styling!


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