The 5 Most Instagrammable Interiors of 2019

The 5 Most Instagrammable Interiors of 2019

As the year draws to a close, we thought we’d take a look back at some of the most Instagrammable interiors of 2019. From Wes Anderson style escapes through to lush urban restaurants, they reveal wonder and wilderness in the most unexpected of places.

Harlen and Holden Glasshouse Cafe, The Philippines

The Glasshouse Cafe by GamFratesi is an exercise in lushness. More greenhouse than glass, its verdant interior combines delicate French cane with velvet Beetle chairs for a wonderfully fresh dining experience. Dripping from the ceiling are delicate orb pendants that hang like humid clouds above the heads of the diners. Taken together, they create a Café that is teeming with life — a mini-indoor jungle in the middle of one of Manila’s largest malls.


Interior: GamFratesi | Photography: Dezeen

The Retreat Hotel — Blue Lagoon, Iceland

Crouching amid the craggy Icelandic landscape is The Retreat, a luxurious hotel filled with cocooning interiors and unparalleled views of the Blue Lagoon. The furnishings are sculpted and chic, echoing the essentiality of the surrounding landscape. In pride of place of each of the Moss Suites are B&B Italia’s Mart Lounge Chair and Paola Lenti’s Float Easy Chair, each of which is gently inclined to encourage laidback lounging. A space of wellness and revitalisation, it promises panoramic views and a chance to unwind with fabulous spa treatments and invigorating dips in Iceland’s azure lagoons.


Interior: Basalt Architecture & Design Group Italia | Photography: The Retreat

The Wing — London

London is the latest city to open a chapter of the all-female co-working space, The Wing. Its feminine interiors fizz with capricious energy that cartwheels from English kitsch to Wes Anderson chic. Set across a five-storey townhouse near Oxford Circus, the crowning jewel is the private rooftop, kitted out with delicate wire furniture and Marset’s FollowMe Portable Table Lamps.


Interior: Laetitia Gorra | Photography: The London Evening Standard

David Mallett Hair Salon — New York

Opulent accents and futuristic furnishings mingle in this glamorous New York salon. A place to “eat clementines, read fashion books and have your senses heightened” it reeks of hedonist abandon, a place to lose track of time and be pampered. Clients can expect to be attended on Eero Saarinen’s iconic swivelling Tulip Armchairs, whose fluid design language feels right at home in this transgressive salon.


Interior: Charles Zana | Photography: Vogue Magazine

Le Jardinier Restaurant — New York

Last but not least is the Le Jardinier Restaurant, located in mid-town Manhattan. Raw finishes and bespoke 0414 Dining Chairs collude to create an intimate and refreshing space, which complements the vegetable-dominant menu. Amid the lashings of greenery, industrial lighting stretches to greet each of the hewn tables, a delightful flourish that helps create a cocooning and inviting experience.


Interior: Joseph Dirand | Photography: Le Jardinier Restaurant



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