UK Launch: Röshults 2018 Collection

UK Launch: Röshults 2018 Collection

The history of Roshults begins with fire. From its pure, irresistible pull came Broberg & Rodderstale’s iconic fire baskets, gifting light and warmth to the chilly Swedish landscape. Their new 2018 Collection is as such, destined for those who wish to experience the same power of perfect design in their outdoor environment.

The emphasis is on clean, beautiful lines and Scandinavian rhythms, designed to help you live the outdoors joyfully. New pieces like the BBQ Wood Oven recognise that the nights we refuse to forget are the ones with food, fire and friends, made all the more spectacular for being enjoyed under a canopy of stars and moonlight.

Roshults Press Release - BBQ Pizza Oven and Sideboard

Cooking is a passion shared by both founders, and the Wood Oven’s gorgeous form fuses the pleasures and practicalities of minimalism to deliver a spectacular cooking experience. Everything is designed with usability in mind; from the sleek silhouette of the anthracite oven to the premium teak storage shelves below. Broberg & Rodderståle want you to revel in the stylish simplicity of your kitchen, discovering new avenues for culinary expression. The Wood Oven Sideboard is thus topped with a marble chopping board, ideal for serving up homemade pizza, focaccias and ciabattas.

CHAPLINS Roshults New Collection 2018:9 - Outdoor Sink

As with all of their outdoor kitchens, personalisation is key. Modular features, from kitchen sinks to inbuilt hobs, can be added or subtracted as required to build a kitchen that is as unique as your needs. There’s even a range of gorgeous new BBQ accessories, including several stylish BBQ Aprons, crafted from Italian leather and finely-woven canvas. One gets the sense that it’s as much about outlining a new way of living with the outdoors as establishing a chic Scandi barbecue culture.

CHAPLINS Roshults New Collection 2018:9 - Apron

But don’t be fooled by the elegant design language. Beneath the simple and unessential forms lies the technical excellence that defines all of Roshults’ products.

“It looks simple, but it’s the most difficult challenge to undertake” Broberg and Rodderståle

The Yacht Edition is their latest exploration, a dazzling selection of elite kitchen appliances destined for exclusive settings. No.316 refers to the collections unique stainless steel casing, specially designed to offer incredible protection against pitting and high temperatures. Its extra bright finish contrasts wonderfully with the teak accents, a modern and practical combination to last the ages.

CHAPLINS Roshults New Collection 2018:9 - Yacht BBQ Grill

What goes on beneath the shiny hood of the BBQ Gas Grill is just as intriguing. Memories of the “charred on the outside, raw on the inside” meat debacle are vanquished by dual heat controls that return control of the grilling temperature to the chef, allowing you to regulate in controlled waves the intensity of the glow bed. Double protective plates also serve to enable even heat distribution, ensuring your food cooks at the same pace no matter where it is placed on the grill.

CHAPLINS Roshults New Collection 2018:9 - Booster Grill

Essential to the collection is this idea of spontaneity, being able to enjoy the pleasure of delicious food and outdoor entertaining without any of the usual drawbacks. For the star-grillers and pit-masters there is The Booster Grill, a futuristic device that harnesses infrared sound technology to heat up fully in just six minutes.

CHAPLINS Roshults New Collection 2018:9 - Table Grill

For the late night beach diners and terrace lovers there is the portable Table Grill, offering the same sleek design language and easy-grill technique on the go. Dining alfresco becomes effortless, stylish; a far cry from the panicked scenes of old.

CHAPLINS Roshults New Collection 2018:9 - Teak Loungers

The addition of stunning armchairs and sofas also gift a softer edge to offset their bestselling teak sun loungers. Finding inspiration in the breezy beach style of the Hamptons, Antibes, adds understated glamour to outdoor decking and terraces. Upholstered in award-winning Sunbrella fabric, they’re dressed to weather even the most tempestuous of storms, although a matching cover is available for those who are a little more protective of their garden glam.CHAPLINS Roshults New Collection 2018:9 - Antibes

Röshults are a brand that value the little moments: delicious food, great company — the chance to relax with friends. Their new collection refines a lifestyle that lets you live outdoors with your loved ones every day of the year. Shop the entire collection online or contact one of our design representatives to start planning a tailored solution for your space.


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