What To Buy This Christmas For All The Particular People In Your Life

What To Buy This Christmas For All The Particular People In Your Life

This season, we’ve all got a little bit more time on our hands to think about who and how we gift. At Chaplins, we’re no stranger to shopping for discerning (and sometimes outright picky) partners and relatives. In fact, we’d go so far as saying that particular people are our speciality. To help you avoid a last-minute scramble around the shops, we’ve put together a shortlist of thoughtful keepsakes for every kind of aesthete. So whether you’re married to a Born Again Dane or are looking to impress a Man About Town, you’ll find it all under one roof at Chaplins. 

The Born Again Dane

We all know the type: an SW girl who is cooler than the Danes and as stylish as the Swedes. Effortlessly coiffured, she’s got breezy minimalism down to a tee. When it comes to interiors, her home is a shrine to Hygge design — a cosy cocoon in which to hunker down and hibernate. If you’re lucky enough to know such a gal, you’ll understand that finding a present that fits into her down-to-earth aesthetic is no easy task. In pursuit of this elusive bounty, we asked our favourite Nordic brands to help us come up with a luxury Scandi Christmas wishlist.

The Dinner Party Host

No one has been more put out by lockdown than the dinner party diva. A regular socialite, they love to throw lavish get-togethers which usually culminate in a couple of guests crashing for the night. There are, of course, a couple of house rules. No talk of Brexit before pudding and it’s BYOB. Always. To lift their spirits in what has been a dull and difficult year, we’ve put together a guide to all the trinkets and styles they’ve been craving. From beautiful bar trolleys to elegant champaign buckets, these are your hosting must-haves.

The Girl Who Has It All

Oscar Wilde once quipped that he was a man of simple tastes, he was merely satisfied with the best of everything. Our rules for buying presents for such individuals go a little something like this: research their interests, their favourite colours, the people and places they follow online. Next, think carefully about their routines and preferences. Are they a morning or an evening person? An introvert or extrovert?


One of our favourite lighting solutions for night owls are portable table lamps. Often described as contemporary candles, they are freed from the shackles of cables in order to create gorgeous light effects indoors or out. Of all the designs we’ve tried of late, none is quite so pretty or as powerful as Contardi’s Ongo Battery Lamp. So confident are we that it’ll make someone’s Christmas that we’ll be giving one away to a lucky subscriber this winter. Head over to our Instagram for more.

The Man About Town

The Man About Town presents his own unique set of challenges. While he has a clear sense of what he likes, finding something that he hasn’t already bought is a tricky business. When it comes to homeware, leather loungers and monochrome colourways are his love languages. If you’re on the hunt for something with quick delivery, check out our classic record players, mid-century wine racks or futuristic fireplaces.

The Eco-Warrior

It wasn’t long ago that creatives and fashionistas clung to the idea of style over substance. In 2020, this equation has finally been solved as designers throw themselves at the task of creating beautiful eco-friendly designs. One case in point is Cassina, who have spent the year future-proofing some of their most iconic designs with new sustainable manufacturing. They are not the only ones. At Brokis, the team of glass blowers have started upcycling offcuts into a new ethereal pendants that invite a curious caress. Just some of the ways you can help your eco-minded friend hit their zero waste targets.

The Highbrow Collector

Last but not least is The Collector. They want to know the story behind each piece, as well as the tradition and craftspeople that created it. Limited editions and numbered runs will tickle their sense of exclusivity, as well as delicate details such as authorial signatures. 2020 has been a golden year for collectable design, with marble versions of the Hang It All Coat Rack and never-before-seen editions of Carlo Mollino’s surrealist wood furniture.  We’ve selected a couple of our favourites, here.

Need some help finding a gift for a loved one this Christmas? Drop us a message on Live Chat or give us a call on 020 8421 1779 to speak with a design expert, today! 


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