When Fashion Meets Furniture: Designs Biggest Collaborations

When Fashion Meets Furniture: Designs Biggest Collaborations

Many things coincide with one and other complimenting an individual’s lifestyle, tastes and personal preferences. From nutrition and fitness, music and poetry to of course fashion and furniture, when similar interests collide inspiring and exciting outcomes can often be achieved. In light of this year’s London Fashion Week we thought we would indulge in a history of iconic fashion and interior design collaborations.

Textures, fabrics, finishes, meticulous attention to detail and most importantly exquisite design are amongst the key factors that fashion and furniture share in common.  Whether it’s a draping gown pinned with precision, or a chaise lounge that embodies catwalk inspired chic, fashion and furniture will forever be a creative outlet for a person to channel their individuality and project it into physical form. Prestigious designers have recognised that people’s flair and enthusiasm for fashion often transfers to their interiors. With this intelligent analysis the design sector has gone on to see some exciting fashion and furniture collaborations introduced to the creative scene, some of which so good, we just had to share with you!

Moroso Nebula

Renowned for their dynamic, contemporary and edgy essence, denim enthusiasts Diesel have seen their signature style shift from tailored jean jackets to snug sofas, stylish low tables and luxury lighting solutions. Through daring collaborations with the likes of Moroso and Foscarini, Diesel has successfully transferred their iconic style from the catwalk into the homes of style connoisseur’s around the world. Diesels influence is evident in their interior collaborations as each piece embodies their unique style; this is particularly portrayed in their Moroso Nebula Nine Sofa and My Mirror My Moon Coffee Table.

Moschino Toy Table Lamp

Founded in 1983, Moschino’s iconic caricature creations and quirky leather designs have been serving us style for over 30 years. The internationally adored brand recently expanded their creative masterpieces by entering into the world of interiors. In a 2017 collaboration with Gufram, the idiosyncratic brand created an eccentric range of residential interiors, including an oversized lips Dali-inspired sofa and stiletto storage unit. In a recent partnership with Kartell the brand saw its iconic Moschino bear transformed into an innovative lighting solution. The charismatic piece was the focal point of Kartell‘s 2018 Milan Salone stand, generating ample interested from interior enthusiasts.

edra x Swarovski

Edra are known for their pioneering approach to interior design and overall eccentricity and extravagance. Their scintillating Swarovski collaboration exceeded expectations as the brands iconic pieces dazzled dressed in hundreds of intricately placed crystals. It’s glittering debut made waves across both industries, highlighting the success of the credible collaboration between the two high end brands.

Verpan x Prada

Let’s talk exclusive. Recently an alliance between Prada and Verpan resulted in an elite re-imagined masterpiece. The partnership saw Verpan’s classic inflatable stool modernised to adapt to the fashionable settings of Prada’s SS2019 fashion shows. Unfortunately the transformed piece is not available to the public, yet we can all still admire and adore the evolved design from a distance.

Cassina LC4 Chaise Lounge - Louis Vuitton

In the past we saw luxury fashion brand Louis Vuitton integrate their signature style within one of Cassina’s iconic designs. The popular LC4 chaise lounge sent the design scene into frenzy back in 2014 when it was exclusively released in the legendary hues of the iconic fashion label.  Only 1000 pieces were made meaning the limited design was highly sought after during the time and still remains to be as desirable today.

Karl Lagerfeld - Cassina

History also witnessed influential fashion figures cross over to the world of interiors to explore their creativity in a new form. This was the case with Chanel’s late creative director and fashion legend Karl Lagerfeld, who utilised his photography talents to capture Cassina in a contemporary light. The elite collaboration resulted in an array of stunning imagery that was produced and presented in a photographic book which premiered in the fashion capital, Paris. Projects such as this will keep the memory of the talented and much beloved Karl Lagerfeld alive and his creative excellence will be sorely missed by all.  We thank Karl for his admirable contribution to design and have no doubt his work will be continued to be admired for generations to come.

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