Win in Style with RS Barcelona Games Tables

Win in Style with RS Barcelona Games Tables

We admit it. Us design geeks can be a bit precious when it comes to inviting family-friendly designs into our home. So when the time comes, where should you turn? Fortunately, it’s something that Spanish designer, Rafael Rodríguez Castillo, has been working on since 1975. Tired of his usual gig in a metallurgist’s workshop, he decided to start RS Barcelona, a company dedicated to creating beautiful designs that the whole family could enjoy. Ranging from luxury pool tables through to personalised football sets, Castillo’s mission is a simple one. With the right design, he believes that we can bring those we love closer together and in doing so create the memories that will last a lifetime. With the rain showing no sign of letting up, today’s blog is dedicated to the fun that can be had both inside and out, thanks to RS Barcelona‘s innovative collection.

You And Me Ping Pong Tables

One of the questions our Design Team often gets asked is how to create a family home that appeals to everyone. The secret lies in multifunctional pieces that allow for transition — be that from a raucous kids party to a sophisticated evening soirée. RS Barcelona‘s You and Me Folding Ping Pong Table is a godsend in this regard. With a quick tidy, it can be transformed into a large dining table with all evidence of sportiness stashed away in the hidden side drawer. Crafted from premium steel and Iroko wood, it’s beautiful lines reveal an architectural dining table with echoes of Scandi minimalism. What’s more, thanks to high-tech finishes, it can even be brought outside during the summer months.

RS Football Tables

Personalised down to the player’s shirt, these colourful football tables allow sports fans to stage the match they’ve always dreamed of. Compact and sturdy, they’ll be no home advantage here, just you, your opponent and the beautiful game. Sophisticated players can even opt for the glamorous #RS Gold collection, where each figure, score counter and screw is draped in 24 karat gold. Whichever table you choose, you can feel confident that it will enhance your living room, tempting everyone who enters into a lively match.

RS #4 Fun Foosball Table

This level of customisation doesn’t stop with the adult tables. The RS#4 Fun Table is the first football kit to grow in height, enabling kids of all ages to get involved. Each of the players can also be customised with stickers to create enviable matches between princesses and dragons, warriors or astronauts. Imagination and the idea that we should never stop learning through play sits at the heart of everything RS Barcelona does and is beautifully on display in this creative games table.

RS Bar and Dining Table

Created in collaboration with restauranteur, Jose Andres, the RS Bar and Dining Tables are also delights. Instead of drumming their fingers while they await a meal, clients in his restaurants can engage in a cheerful game of football. Great for summer BBQs and family events, they’ll keep both kids and adults amused in the run-up to dinner.

RS Barcelona Bar Table

Diagonal Pool Table

RS Barcelona‘s latest release is the Diagonal Pool Table, inspired by the linear streets of their home city. All light, modern lines, it’s available in a variety of sophisticated finishes that find the perfect balance between sporty chic and contemporary cool. A reminder to indulge in some old-fashion fun, it promises to lure kids away from their screens and towards a new passion. Meanwhile in trendy offices, Diagonal provides a perfect opportunity for some informal team bonding.


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