Calling All Creatives for Porada’s International Design Competition 2017

It’s not often that a leading international furniture brand presents an opportunity to outline a new physiognomy in the crowded world of design. Since 2012, Porada has held separate annual competitions for Professionals and Students to design an innovative concept for one aspect of the modern home. 6 winners are selected and rewarded with a lucrative prize alongside the possibility of seeing their work put into production with one of Europe’s most coveted luxury furniture brands.

Chaplins realises that the future of design rests with its visionary protagonists. As London’s top supplier of over 180 furniture brands, including Porada, we’ve collated all the information you need to enter the competition alongside our top tips on how to win.

Infinity Dining Table by Porada Chaplins Resized

Infinity Oval Wood Dining Table by Porada


Ziggy Side Table by Porada - Chaplins Resized

Ziggy Side Table by Porada

This year’s competition focuses on small tables, anything from coffee tables, side tables to end or service tables. Porada are a luxurious Italian brand that prides them self on being deeply attuned to the history, craftsmanship and future of wood furniture and their desire to make lasting art out of the natural world had led to collaborations with many renowned designers including Stefano Bigi, Tarcisio Colzani, Maconato & Zappa and Gina Corollo.

For this reason, all projects must feature the use of solid wood although this does not have to be the exclusive element.  The wood can be painted, lacquered and combined with metals, mirrors, crystals, hides or fabric.

Bigne Coffee Table by Porada - Chaplins Resized Image

Bignè Side Table

The competition is open to all creative people and designers, the entrants will be judged on the following:

  1. Originality
  2. Degree of innovation in pursuit of new design solutions relating to processes of wood.
  3. Experimentation with material and surface finishes.
  4. The capacity of projects to define and anticipate scenarios for future use.

There’s also the not-so-small issue of prize money. As well as garnering the attention of industry titans, participants will be handsomely remunerated for their work, with the prizes as follows:

1st prize: € 2.000
2nd prize: € 1.200
3rd prize: € 800

1st Prize: €3,000
2nd Prize: €2,000
3rd Prize: €1,000

  • Spritz Bar Trolley

    Spritz Bar Trolley

    Featuring a sharp and sleek design crafted from walnut that is available as natural, moka stained or wengé stained.



  • Rio Coffee Table

    Rio Coffee Table

    The Rio coffee table was designed by Charlotte Perriand in 1962 for the Japanese Embassy in Paris.



  • Connection Coffee Table

    Connection Coffee Table

    This eye-catching design by Massimo Castagna features a burnished brass base that is available in an array of shapes and sizes.



  • Multileg Walnut Coffee Table

    Multileg Walnut Coffee Table

    The Multileg coffee table by Jamie Hayon features a standard table top in walnut which completely contrasts with its random array of table legs, each possessing a different style, design and shape.




Script Coffee Table by Porada

It’s no surprise that this year’s challenge focuses on small tables. With urban populations set to increase exponentially in the coming decades it is highly likely that our living spaces will shrink accordingly. Thus, the need for beautifully designed, compact, multipurpose pieces will be more apparent than ever.

Smart storage and flexibility of both movement and configuration should be at the top of all the designers’ brief when looking to create a small table appropriate for a multitude of settings.

Entrants might also wish to consider sustainability. The interior design industry is not immune to the challenges that face our world and there has been a flurry of innovation involving recycled woods and fibres. Porada promote sustainable design characteristics at all stages of production, and would welcome an influx of expertise in this area.

Candidates should display a keen awareness of the icons while always looking to the future. Good design is first and foremost about creating beautiful solutions to everyday needs. Just as Eero Saarinen hoped to address the “ugly, unrestful world beneath tables” so should the forward thinking designer address matters of connectivity, texture and space.

  • Platner Side Table

    Platner Side Table

    In 1966, the Warren Platner collection seamlessly captured the curved and gentle shapes that were beginning to infiltrate the modern design world.



  • Little Friend Side Table

    Little Friend Side Table

    The multi-purpose table Little Friend, designed by Kasper Salto, is a small yet significant piece of furniture in the history of Fritz Hansen.



  • Splay-Leg Coffee Table

    Splay-Leg Coffee Table

    The Splay-Leg coffee table is a remarkable example of George Nakashima's talent for combining traditional influences and modern simplicity.



  • Saarinen Tulip Round Side Table - Quickship

    Saarinen Tulip Round Side Table - Quickship

    This circular low table created by Eero Saarinen in the 50s aimed to address the "slum of legs" found under tables and chairs.





Londra Rectangular Table by Porada

The deadline for project completion is the 10th November 2017.

Full assessment criteria can be found at at: or by emailing Porada directly at

From all of us here at Chaplins, we wish you good luck and invite you to check out our social media feeds for more insider tips and tricks on all things furniture related.

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