5 Interior Projects To Embark On In 2021

At its best, interior design is about finding new joy in familiar places. In search of this feeling, we sat down with 5 experts to find out how they plan on getting the most from their homes in 2021 and beyond…

The Heart of the Home: Dining Room Updates

In 2020, we learned how to make time for the things that matter. Dining en famille was one of the them. With our Winter Sale now on, we’ve separated all the styles you’ll need to share home-cooked meals and unhurried conversation in 2021. Now available with up to 15% off site wide.

The Glow Up: Contemporary Lighting For Every Room In The House

The arrival of winter can often bring with it feelings of gloom. This year, however, we’d like to propose something different: that we conquer the onset of darkness with rich interiors that resonate wellbeing and warmth. It’s in this spirit that we’ve pulled together a quick guide to the very best designer lamps.

Northern Lights: A Closer Look At Poul Henningsen

In celebration of what would have been Poul Henningsen’s 126th birthday, we’re delighted to be launching three never-before-seen PH collections and colourways — one of which we’ll be giving away to a lucky winner. Read the blog to discover how to enter.

A Centenary of Style: Vico Magistretti at 100

Summarizing such a diverse legacy is difficult but if there is one current that underpins Vico Magistretti’s career it’s a commitment to simplification, to doing more with less. To celebrate what would have been his 100th year, we thought we’d take a look back over his life through the objects he left behind.