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5 Unique Brands To Include In Your Next Interior Project

The ability to surprise and delight is something every interior designer dreams of. But in the fast-moving world of contemporary design, how does one go about it? To help out, we’ve compiled a list of five unique brands that promise to add a little sparkle to your next project.

What Makes A Patricia Urquiola Design Special?

Having come of age spectacularly throughout the early noughties, Patricia Urquiola is now a leading light in today’s industry. With her first major UK project due to open in Lincoln Square this month, we’ll be taking a closer look at what makes a Patricia Urquiola design so special.

Modern Designs Reimagined for the Outdoors

No longer the preserve of bulky wooden furniture, you can now enjoy your favourite designs from the comfort of your patio. Discover which icons made the cut and their stunning new outdoor counterparts in our summer furniture round-up.

5 Essential Interior Trends For Less

Here at Chaplins we only like to champion those we believe have staying power. After all, you want your home to be stylish for the foreseeable future, right? With our Summer Sale now on, we’ve compiled a list of five must-have interior trends that will keep your home fresh and current for years to come.

Behind The Brand: Molteni & C Heritage Collection

Go behind the scenes of Molteni & C’s much-lauded Heritage Collection, featuring exclusive designs from Gio Ponti’s archives. With never-before-seen sketches and exclusive comment from his heirs, we uncover the inner workings of one of designs all-time heroes.

Design Experts - Summer Sale

Design Experts Shop the Chaplins Summer Sale

Navigating the heady array of discounts in the Chaplins Summer Sale is no small matter. With enormous savings across all collections do you go classic or contemporary? Italian or Scandi? To help you out, we’ve called in some of the industry experts to reveal their top picks and styling tips.

Guide to Throwing a World Cup 2018

How To Throw The Perfect World Cup Party

1966. It’s a date that shimmers like a mirage in the memory of England’s long-suffering football fans. But with the World Cup fast approaching, its time to choose hope, drawing on those quadrennial reserves of positivity in the way only a true Brit can.

Maximilism vs Minimalism

Minimalism vs Maximalism: Where Do You Stand?

For decades, the cool contours of minimalism have had the upper hand, serving up clean lines and calm neutrals wherever it can. But with the design pendulum inching in favour of more eclectic patterns and velvet textures, could it be that minimalism has had its day? We’ve called in the experts to have their say.

Why Woven Furniture Is Making a Summer Comeback

Woven furniture. It’s not the first thing you think of in the middle of a heatwave and yet it’s an ancient technique that is widely used throughout the tropics. With more designers incorporating this traditional technique, we’ll be taking a look at its evolution from the sub-Equatorial countries to the forefront of contemporary outdoor design.