Monster Chair by Moooi

Give Your Home A Glamorous Gothic Update

Décor has gone dark. From modern black feature walls through to gorgeous smoked glass tables, gothic glam is emerging as the ultimate interior power play for 2018. Today we’ll be showing you how to incorporate gothic glamour in a contemporary home, from luxurious lighting through to smoked glass tables.

Pablo UMA Lamp - Chaplins Resized

Decorating Ideas For The Perfect Host

With made to order design, its important to remember that some of our bespoke creations can take up to six to eight weeks to arrive. So if you were planning on revitalising your home in time for Christmas, now is the time to do it. Need inspiration? Our quick guide to expert hosting contains everything you need … Continued

Tweed Dining Table by Zanotta

Chaplins AW17 Interior Trend Report

Think celestial lighting, interiors lined with velvet and the resurgence of earthy hues intended to stave off the cold. The Chaplins Interior Autumn Trend Report pulls together the most exciting A/W 17 interior ideas to help keep your creative appetites satiated during the cooler months ahead.

De Sede DS490 - Chaplins Resized

What Will Your Home Look Like In The Future?

Welcome to the year 2040. Digital wallpapers that respond to your every mood decorate the walls of your house like 2D chameleons. A contemporary modular sofa with an innate understanding of how firm you like your pillows corrects your posture before automatically readjusting for your partner. Yours is a home that learns.


The Future of Soft Furnishings – 3D Lush by Karim Rashid

The Lush Collection is an invitation to demand more from our furnishings. More colour, more texture, more life. A curious hybrid of traditional materials made anew by avant-garde robotics, these rugs point to an exciting future of haptic technology, 4D and a radical overhaul in the way we experience and design our homes.

Vermelha Armchair by Edra - Chaplins

How Italian Design Conquered The World

Coveted and incorporated into luxury homes in every corner of the globe, Italy’s long lineage of design heroes from have established this passionate nation as a world-leading laboratory for new design ideas. But what is it about the Italian culture that provokes such intense displays of creativity? Discover the secrets behind Italian design and how … Continued

Interior Welllness

How to Achieve Health and Happiness through Interior Design

Many factors contribute to our health, happiness and emotional wellbeing. From the food we consume, amount of exercise we practice to the types of people we choose to surround ourselves with. However, one of the most fundamental and often underestimated factors, is the environment we choose to situate ourselves in.

Beat the heat - Magic Marble

Beat The Heat: 5 Furniture Hacks To Help You Keep Cool

Have you ever wondered why marble countertops feel particularly cool to the touch? There’s a reason the floors around the Grand Kebba are paved with marble and it’s not decadence. Marble has a particularly high thermal conductivity which makes it an excellent choice for hotter climates. Its resurgence this summer comes as no surprise as … Continued