B&B Italia: 10 Defining Designs

Over the course of 50 years, B&B Italia has broken down barriers and transformed the once conservative Made in Italy movement with audacity and flair. Today’s blog looks at the designs that made it happen, each a cultural landmark in their own right…

Interior Trend Forecast 2020

Chaplins Interior Trend Forecast 2020

With the rise of the sharing economy, streaming services and Big Tech, our home has taken on importance like never before. It’s with this in mind that we’ve compiled our Interior Trend Forecast 2020 — a selection of 5 key ideas that will establish your home as a place of refuge and connection this season.

Why Cosy Design Is Here To Stay

The need to cosify our interiors has dominated design ever since Hygge’s spread south in 2017. This looks set to continue throughout 2020, as designers look for new ways to counter the growing presence of tech in our everyday lives. In today’s blog, we reveal 3 cosy design trends, each of which promises to add comfort and … Continued

Biophilia: The Force of Nature Shaping Modern Interiors

As society has woken up to the importance of nature-orientated spaces, a new genre of biophilic design has emerged. At its core, it seeks to incorporate the natural world into built environments, helping to create Zen-like living spaces. In this week’s blog, we’ll walk you through four ways you can incorporate this at home.

10 Bedroom Essentials For A Serene And Luxurious Space

When it comes to getting a good night’s sleep, environment is everything. From delicate lighting through to luxury linen, designers are rising to the challenge to help us get our recommended 40 winks. In today’s blog, we reveal our 10 bedroom essentials for a serene and luxury space. Now all available in our Autumn Promotion.

3 Key Interior Concepts To Master This AW19

How do we create dramatic interiors that still feel inviting? It’s a question that’s often asked of our Trade Team when embarking on residential projects and the answer is always the same. We play with balance, asymmetry, and scale. In today’s blog, we’ll reveal how to master these 3 key interior concepts this AW19.