Clever Lighting Tricks For Every Room In The House

Zaha Hadid once said that without illumination there is no space. Light shapes our physical perception and how we process the world around us. Coming home to a drearily lit house therefore has far-reaching consequences for our mood and energy levels – a phenomenon that can easily be rectified by beautiful interior lighting. As the days dwindle ever shorter, we’ve prepared some clever lighting tricks for every room in the house to help keep the winter blues at bay. Plus, with the start of our lighting promotion, you can now shop the looks with up to 10% off online and in-store.

A Beautifully Lit Boudoir

The beauty of light is that it doesn’t act alone. It interacts with everything it touches, expressing itself through grains, patina and the tones of different surfaces. Understanding this and how you can manipulate it is key to shaping how you experience your home.

Bedrooms are inviting spaces that benefit from warm layered illumination. For most of us, a modern table lamp is our first and last experience with light. Visual comfort is therefore very important, so when shopping its best to look for blown glass bulbs or clever shades that will diffuse the light in a soft gush.

FlosBonjour Collection is an excellent choice in this regard. It’s customisable from the frame to the shade but also enables you to adjust the colour temperature according to your schedule. Wood finishes are also on the rise. Pablo Lighting’s Contour Table Lamp is available with an oak or walnut interior which comes to life when the LED fixture is switched on. It also boasts a USB charging port, meaning you can charge your phone from it while you sleep.

Any direct light should be focused and limited in the form of a contemporary task light. These handy luminaires are great for late night readers or those who work from home. We recommend having a look at Foscarini or Anglepoise for the best in style and quality.

The bedroom also presents many opportunities for guide lighting. This type of lighting is incorporated within bedside cabinets and chest of drawers to help you find your way in the middle of the night. This is particularly helpful in guest bedrooms when your visitors won’t have had a chance to make a mental map of the space.

Molteni&C is your go-to here. Their 909 Chest of Drawers can be equipped with LED down lighting that will provide another layer of illumination. The focused, slightly brighter light will contrast with the warmer sources in the room, preventing your décor from seeming overly snug.

The average bedroom features an overhead light whose purpose is to illuminate every part of the room. While practical, it’s often not the best way to create atmosphere. Too often, these lights work by filling up space with uniform light so that any further attempts to try and accent get lost. While this is great for offices and commercial spaces, you might want something more inviting in your bedroom.

Our recommendation is to try a couple of stylish wall lights. An upward beam will illuminate the ceiling and create an open glowing space. A downward luminaire like Louis Poulsen‘s PH 2/1 will create a warm pool of light from which to read by. Contardi’s Tata Wall Light does both, allowing for a gentle interplay between shadow and contrast within the room.

A Luminous Lounge

When approaching a large project like a house or apartment, our design team always stress the importance of being dynamic with your designer lighting. If you start by flooding the room with overhead light, you’ll have to work that much harder and use that much more energy to create stand out areas. You’ll also end up washing out many of the designs you agonised over in the first place. Our top tip is to think first about the features you’d like to highlight. Where would you like people to gravitate to? What will they be doing in these spaces? By inviting light into the right place you can shape how people experience your home.

A common request for many of our clients is a quiet nook in which to read or relax. For this, you’ll need bright directional light, usually a modern floor lamp or a strategically placed pendant for hard to reach spots. It’s a great opportunity to make a statement and as far as taste goes, the options are endless.

The sitting area near the coffee table is another space you’ll want to showcase. People naturally gravitate towards areas that are well lit, so consider including a couple of beautiful pendant lights here. Decorative as well as functional, they’ll add interest and another layer of illumination to your space.

Got a beautiful piece of art hanging on the wall? Show it off! Opt for recessed or wall lighting to make sure it’s displayed in the best possible light. This will also act as a form of background light for the lounge while adding visual intrigue.

Lighting also presents an opportunity to coordinate your decor. If you’ve got gold accent detailing through your lounge, be sure to carry this through in the finishes of your fixtures.

Inviting Hallways

During the winter months, hallways and corridors that aren’t well-lit become all the more claustrophobic. Instead of opting for an overhead light, consider some well-positioned wall lights. Our eyes naturally perceive brightness better on vertical rather than horizontal surfaces, and this will allow you to create paths of light in the darkest regions of your home.

Daring Dining Rooms

The dining room is an area in which you have the most freedom to play with your contemporary lighting as the demands of the space are fairly simple. First, you’ll need a large pendant light or chandelier to illuminate the table below, preferably one that delivers a dimmable pool of illumination.

However, it doesn’t stop there. Think about which other surfaces you’d like to deliver light to. A modern table lamp on either end of a contemporary sideboard is a great way to emphasise its finish.  It’ll also add depth to your space, drawing attention to areas of the room that are usually in shadow.

With Aqua Creations, there’s even the option of creating your own silk wall panels as a glowing work of art. These light sculptures can be used to fill blank expanses of wall, resulting in a stunning focal point.

Great interior lighting is a balancing act. Focus on the surfaces that you want to reveal and the parts of your home you want people to congregate in. When you do so, light becomes an essential tool in your journey to creating a vibrant, happy home. To help you get started, we’re offering up to 10% off designer lighting online and in store. Happy styling! 

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