Colourful Marbles: Summer Interior Trends 2019

Marble is somewhat of a magic stone. Beautifully veined and cool to the touch, it has been used throughout tropical climes to help keep homes fresh during the long summer months. The epitome of natural glam, 2019 has seen a resurgence in the use of colourful marbles as interior designers search for new ways to bring the outdoors in. As part of our Summer Interior Trend series, we’ve put together a selection of our favourite colourful marble furniture for a vibrant and luxury home.

Go Green

Vibrant and invigorating, green marble is everywhere this season. It’s verdant hues denote the natural world in all of its glory, lending a visual freshness to modern interiors. Sourced from the Valle d’Aosta region of northwestern Italy,  it first came onto the Chaplins radar in the form of Gubi’s TS collection. For styling tips, just look to the world around you. Rich dark woods such as teak, mahogany or walnut make for a dramatic counterpoint, while copper or gold accents will help accentuate its intense white veining.

Cookies Circle Coffee Table

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Saarinen Tulip Round Dining Table

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Tickled Pink

Ranging from delicate Luni stones through to Zanotta’s red Lepanto marble, our selection of soft pink marble decor reveals a gentler side to this precious stone. A case in point is Molteni&C‘s Panna Cotta Side Table, which balances form and finish to create a wonderfully light modern side table. The soft flush of colour needs little to shine and is a great choice for rooms that don’t benefit from lots of natural light.

Panna Cotta

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Graphium Coffee Table

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The Gold Standard

Yellow riven marbles are the ultimate expression of luxury. While gold Calacatta marble remains a classic, it’s Cattelan Italia’s experiments with ceramic that have made waves in recent years. At this year’s Salone del Milano, they launched the new Makalu finish, a complex, opulent ceramic that echoes the lustre of marble while providing extra resistance to staining and heat. Man-made and sustainable, it weaves together the opulence of gold with the elegance of marble to create a glamorous and uplifting space.

Moondance Bedside Table

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Dragon Keramik Dining Table

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The Emperor’s Choice

A firm favourite among architects and specifiers, Brown Emperador marble is easily recognised thanks to its distinctive hazelnut veining and honey undertones. Its deep swirling browns add gravitas and style to modern living rooms, making a beautiful statement without seemingly overly ostentatious. Be sure to pair with gold accent details and plenty of indoor greenery to help bring the stone to life.

Ziggy 10 Console Table

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452 La Rotonda Dining Table

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Magic Monochrome

While not as bright as some of the other hues, the complex allure of monochrome marbles is ideal for those who seek a more understated approach to this summer trend. Among the myriad stones, we’re particularly fond of Grey Emperador and Sahara Noir. The former adorns Gubi’s Gravity Floor and Table Lamp and can be identified by its vivid clouds of white veining. Sahara Noir, on the other hand, is inky and majestic, warmed up by distinctive caramel stripes. For a masterclass in Sahara Noir styling, looking no further than Porada’s Thayl Dining Table.

Gravity Floor Lamp

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476 Boboli Side Table

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Will you be incorporating marble into your interior this season? Be sure to let us know on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook.  For more inspo, head over to our Hatch End showroom where you’ll find a selection of premium marble furniture on display. 


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