Key to the success of any project is its delivery. Our in-house logistics team manage the delivery and installation of all our projects, freeing you to focus on the creative bits.


Chaplins’ logistics team will survey the site and identify the delivery and installation requirements. We’ll liaise with the necessary teams around important issues such as access, PPE, specialist equipment as well as any concerns the client might have around site protection and rubbish removal.


The practicalities of multi-brand sourcing are easier when you have the right processes in place. At Chaplins, we have our own warehouse and fleet of vehicles to ensure complete control of the incoming projects, deliveries and installations.


Chaplins has its own team of seasoned professionals who specialise in unusual or difficult fits. Every aspect of the installation is planned well in advance to ensure our method is optimised for the sites requirements. Where possible, smaller furnishings are pre-assembled prior to delivery to ensure maximum efficiency. We also work with trusted partners on certain projects when specialist knowledge is needed.


Chaplins has its own dedicated warehouse that receives deliveries from our suppliers. All deliveries are checked prior to dispatch to ensure that everything is in order ahead of the installation schedule.


The best way to think of Risk Assessment Method Statements (RAMS) is like a map or blueprint of your project. It outlines in clear, detailed steps every stage of the process including delivering and installation. Once signed by the client, it becomes a contract to which all members of the logistics team must adhere.