Once the products have been specified the hard work begins. We offer creative solutions and professional planning for every stage of your project, ensuring the highest quality from start to finish.


Choosing the right products and finishes for your space is an important process. At Chaplins, we take the time to go through every choice, using our vast library of samples to make sure you get it right first time. We’ll also discuss lead times so you that you go away with a complete picture of the procurement process.


The intricacies of multi-brand furniture sourcing require exceptional attention to detail. Everything from fabric codes to armrest positions must be accurately specified to ensure that order arrives as expected. Chaplins’ purchasing team is fluent in this complex language, working daily with numerous suppliers on detailed specifications.


A dedicated account manager will oversee every aspect of your order, anticipating any potential delays in time to resolve with them with the suppliers.


Completing projects within the agreed time frame is incredibly important to us. For this reason, we produce a detailed schedule that outlines a timeline of events and when they need to be undertaken to ensure that projects stay on schedule.


Following installation, we issue User Manuals for each of the products we have supplied. These include information regarding maintenance, warrantees etc.


The follow up to any major project is an important step. Whether that’s staff training or resolving any unexpected issues, we make sure we’re available to advise or assist in the weeks immediately after.